What Is Critical Race Theory & How Do We Stop It?

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By Carole Hornsby Haynes May 9, 2021

This article is Part 1 in a series that examines the impact that Marxism has had on America.

Critical race theory has flown under the radar for decades, quietly spreading like a malignancy throughout American institutions. However, the death of George Floyd last year provided an excuse for Neo-Marxists to explode critical race theory onto the public stage and into every phase of American society. Even though it is a hot topic, most Americans still have not heard of critical race theory and few understand that it is a Marxist weapon to take control of America. Few are able to recognize it.

If we are going to win this war, then we must name our enemy, identify its tactics, and develop strategies for winning.

Marxist Roots of Critical Theory

Since critical theory and its offshoots – critical legal theory, critical race theory, and critical pedagogy theory – all have Marxist roots, let’s briefly review the history.

The Marxist political theory was originally about an economic imbalance of power — class conflict between capitalists and workers. When a workers violent revolution failed to materialize in Europe during World War I, the Russian Bolesheviks concluded that different tactics were needed to bring about communism in Western Europe and the United States. Their plan was to break down cultural barriers first to create a gradual revolution, later known as “cultural marxism.”

The conspirators met in Moscow at the Marx-Engels Institute and devised a plan to destroy traditional religion with its Christian culture, collapse sexual morality, deliberately undermine the nuclear family, and infiltrate other American institutions.

A key tool of the Soviet conspirators was the Frankfurt Group. This group of socialist and communist conspirators established the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany where they conducted their critical theory research.

With the rise of Hitler, the Frankfurt School fled to Columbia University in New York City where they began to infiltrate the American culture by “a long march through the institutions.”

The long march began with education, religion, Hollywood entertainment, and labor unions. A high priority was indoctrinating young children with communist values. The Christian faith was targeted. Because single parents are more dependent on the government for financial help and less likely to attend church, focus would be on destroying traditional families and sexual morality through homosexuality, transgenderism, and radical sex.

Backed by Rockefeller money, socialist/humanist John Dewey, a retired Columbia University professor and adoring fan of Soviet education, helped the Frankfurt School put down deep roots in America. Their gradual assault and corruption of Western culture rather than the violent Marxism-Leninism of the old Soviet Union was now known as Cultural Marxism or Neo-Marxism and by the code words of “political correctness” and “multiculturalism.”

Offshoots of Critical Theory

An offshoot of critical theory, critical legal theory threw race into the conflict between the oppressor vs oppressed. During the 1970s law professors were influenced to view the US. Constitution – and our legal system – as systemically racist.

This racist twist on critical theory then spread as another offshoot – critical race theory — in the 1980s and 1990s to the media, federal agencies and public education.

Still another offshoot — critical theory pedagogy — trains teachers in the teaching of critical race theory.

Get to know these Neo-Marxist code words: “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “white fragility,” “racial equity,” white supremacy,” “diversity and inclusion,” “equity,” “culturally responsive teaching” and “social justice,” and “equity.”

The term “equity” is used because it’s easily confused with the American principle of equality. Yet the difference is light years apart. The principle of equality proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and codified into law with the 14th and 15th Amendments, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is explicitly rejected by critical race theorists. They believe that equality is white supremacy, patriarchy, and oppression. These Neo-Marxists want “equity” or “equal outcomes” which is totally impossible. This idea of “equal outcomes” has been forced into our public schools as “outcome based education” for years now and we see how the quality of academic excellence has plummeted.

Implementing critical race theory is illegal. It violates the Civil Rights Act or the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by calling for people to be treated differently according to race, sex, or national origin.

What Is Critical Race Theory?

In a nutshell, critical race theory is simply repackaged Marxism of oppressor vs oppressed with a twist of racism thrown in to replace “class conflict.” Through relentless and brutal attacks on our American traditions and norms, critical race theory is deliberately creating division and civil revolution.

Critical race theory has absolutely nothing to do with racism. It’s all about a revolution to seize and wield power. Racism is simply the vehicle to divide the American people and goad them into civil war. The “theory” goes that, because white people are fatally flawed and irredeemably racist, there is nothing they can do to atone for their “sins.” Therefore, their white privilege must be taken away. Liberals say they must counter past racism and segregation with modern day racism and resegregation. Two wrongs can’t make a right!

CRT is the classic Communist divide-and-conquer tactic used by the Russian Bolsheviks and Chinese Maoists who pitted people against each other. Chaos is created, the other side is blamed, and then comes the promise that violence will be stopped if the new group is in power. Once in power, they set up their totalitarian government, ramp up the violence with imprisonment and murder of dissenters.

We heard Nancy Pelosi and friends threatening the American people with more violence if we re-elected Donald Trump. We were told the violence would end with the election of Biden. Well, now Biden is in office and the violence is on steroids. Those who criticize are being treated like the dissidents in Hong Kong living under Communist tyranny.

With CRT being pushed into the curriculum of both public and private schools, young impressionable children are being bullied and brainwashed for their “whiteness.” They’re told that they are fundamentally inferior. Therefore, they deserve to be treated badly and have fewer opportunities than people of other races.

Instead of government socialism, we now have corporate socialism with big business concluding with government to control every aspect of our nation. The chaos and violence across the country is driven by white left-wing corporate ideologues – specifically Big-Tech who are plotting to take down America. They intend for America to become part of a New World Order under their control. Big Tech leaders are pushing critical race theory into their elite private schools and executive boardrooms because that’s their comfort zone with easy access.

We’ve Had Enough and We’re Fighting Back.

1. #letsgoback

Let’s go back to the “Good Ole’ Days” when morality and respect for others regardless of skin color mattered and people cared about their neighbors. Let’s go back to the values upon which America was founded. Let’s stop allowing the speech police to decide what we can and cannot say. Let’s go back to using the words that we are now criticized for. Let’s sing Dixie and fly the Confederate flag and tell the Marxists to take a hike. Let’s go back to churches with a “Blackrobed Regiment” who aren’t woke. Or form our own small Bible classes with acapella singing the way Americans did in the past. There are great online resources available for our use. Let’s say goodbye to American sports leagues whose players decry racism even though most of them are black and have made hundreds of millions of dollars through our capitalist structure. Let’s go back to promoting our own neighborhood and community teams. Let’s go back with our shopping dollars to only those stores that aren’t woke or imposing ridiculous Chinese virus restrictions. Most of all, let’s not be afraid of criticism. Besides, who really cares what the left thinks and says?

2. Parents are organizing across America.

Parents are setting up PACs to throw the CRT buns out of office. They’re speaking out against the government tyranny. They’re taking their children out of godless government centers of indoctrination and turning to homeschooling and various other educational opportunities.

3. States are banning CRT.

Oklahoma, Idaho, Iowa, and Tennessee have passed laws to ban critical race theory. A bill is in progress in the Texas legislature. Louisiana, North Carolina, and Missouri along with several other states are working on bans. Governor DeSantis in Florida has issued an executive order banning CRT.

4. End teacher certification.

Demand that state legislators end state requirements for teacher certification which will force schools to hire on content knowledge instead of useless paper credentials. There is absolutely no connection between teacher certification and a teacher‘s impact on student academic achievement. Young teachers can be trained I effective teaching by master teachers. It’s the colleges of education that are indoctrinating future teachers in Marxist philosophy and pedagogy. Let’s shut ‘em down!!!

5. Promote civics.

The Texas House passed HB 2497 with a Senate public hearing on May 18 for the “1836 Project,” which mirrors resident Trump’s “1776 Project.” It would guarantee that children are taught a beginning-to-end narrative of Texas history, with an emphasis placed on Texas civics, particularly our founders and the founding documents. Two amendments were added 1) to ensure the 1836 Project emphasized Texas’s Christian influence, and 2) to show how the keeping and bearing of arms has impacted Texan heritage and has a strong role in maintaining a free society.

7. Ban critical race theory in the military.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) introduced federal legislation to ban critical race theory in military training. Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn) has introduced a bill to ban CRT in military service academies.

8. Idaho is cutting off funding for social justice universities.

Demand that your state legislators do the same.


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