What is Gifted Education (part 2) on Chinese International TV

Nov 8, 2011 by

Dick Kantenberger – Here is the second segment of an hour long interview on International (Chinese) TV 55.5 KTBU-Houston. It is in English and Chinese.I have edited out all the commercials and most of the Chinese (Mandarin) conversation, so most segments are less than ten minutes.

The host of the show is Frank Ha. Besides being a Gifted and Talented Education advocate, Frank holds two law degrees and two American master degrees in International Trade. Also asking questions is John Zhang, President of TRC Advanced Technologies, Inc., whose world headquarters is here in Houston with plants in China and the Middle East.

To view video click on picture to the left, then click on arrow when YouTube comes up.

I will publish the other segments of this interview in the coming weeks.

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