What is MSHA Training?

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Do you want to understand MSHA part 46 to part 48 learning standards that easily control mining safety training in the united states? If yes, then this MSHA training guide will be very helpful to you. So without any further ado, let’s have a look;

There are various online training systems that can enable some parts of the MSHA 46 and 48 in their online training program. However, if you are interested in getting some expertise in management and administrating, then all of these training are included in MSHA part 46 and part 48 in specific training.

A Complete Guide Which You Need to know

Mine Safety and Health Administration certification(MSHA certification) is a type of training for taking documentation or recertification in the industry of mining. However, an Administrator also defines it, which is necessary for many mining professions.

One of the familiar mining training which is discovered in Title 30 CFR in Part 46 regs, which requires fresh miners to finish 24 hours schedule of training.  Moreover, in the first 90 days on the job, along with 4 hours before, they must have worked in the mine area even if they work as exterior mines.

In the initial period of training, all the surface miners and staff should work at a mine to complete a minimum of 8 hours for an annual refresher course in every year.

The training program must also cover mine’s developments which could sometimes negatively impact a miner’s life or their health. Moreover, it also impacts the health & security issues which apply to mining activities at the moment.

In e Part 46 courses, the MSHA also offers many other training options, like Electrical Hazards, Hazardous Chemicals, Miner’s Rights, and also Emergency Spill Response.

  • Requirements for Training

MSHA training guidelines apply to all surface mining contractors who participate in a mining area, not only miners. Whereas a miner training is specified by the regulations as someone who engaged in “mining projects,” which includes:

  • Development of mines
  • Extraction 
  • Drilling 
  • Crushing 
  • Blasting 
  • Mineral filtering or scaling in a mine
  • Milling 
  • Machine maintenance and repair
  • material transportation within the mine as a result of these activities

It implies that such as miners, heavy equipment drivers, and lorry drivers who work on a mining site must have MSHA certification.

Even though Part 46 training is required, anybody working at a surface mine, including contractors and machinery controllers, should take it. However, it is not just to agree with the law but to also gain a good understanding of the risks of mining areas and the security processes in place to protect workers.

While employees who are currently employed at a mine should complete the MSHA certification and are required to conform with Part 46 rules. Any heavy equipment driver should consider getting these mining certifications for themselves. Especially they must give the 4 hours before entering the mine. The major reason is that it helps to open another career choice because only well-qualified people can work in the mining industry. Getting that qualification ahead of time may benefit you if you want to work in that field.

  • Education & Training

MSHA always want to provide safety to their miners, including mandatory training. By partnering with industry participants, we hope will be helpful in developing the mining industry by providing high-quality courses. Plus, it will also improve the training courses.

According to federal law, all miners must get basic and yearly training sessions, and all mine managers must maintain a good training plan. MSHA gives miners and operators resources, information, and hands-on support to help them complete their training requirements and much more. Moreover, in our training courses, there are many resources which provide you comfort.

Training Courses

You should first learn about MSHA’s extensive mine safety and health training courses and programs, which are easily available both online and in person.

Materials for Safety and Health

Did you know that MSHA has many types of resources that help in the safety of mines? Yes, it is true because the course trainers and mine operators use these to provide a safe environment in their mines.

Building a Training Strategy

MSHA helps to build a strategy in their training course where a lot of access information will be helpful with the development of Part 46 and Part 48 mining training schedules.

Mine Rescue Course

Understand the standards for mine emergency training and mine rescue events. See instructional resources, the Mine Rescue Hall of Fame, & learn further about mine clearance in the United States.

Calls for Quarterly Training

Get MSHA’s quarterly educational video conference materials and sound recordings of the calls (when available).


At the end of the article, we summarized that MSHA certification is not just for miners but also for those working in support roles in the mining industry. The training and education required by MSHA help to ensure the safety of everyone who works in or around mines. If you are interested in a career in the mining industry, be sure to check out the MSHA website to find out more about the certification process and what courses are available.

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