What is On-Page SEO?

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If you were told to discuss a few things about search engine optimization, most of you would mention links, titles, and images, to mention a few. Well, you are right in some aspects, but if you were told to say which on-page are and which are off-page, some would stutter. Well, in this article, we aim to clear the air and adequately help you distinguish the two. As you will see, it is not rocket science but quite easy to grasp.

Definition of on-page SEO

From the name, we can already conclude that this kind of SEO entails tools that are visible on the interface of your site. With that said, this form of SEO is the practice of optimizing the individual web pages in order to rank the website higher. And eventually, earn the business more relevant traffic in the search engines. The content you chose to upload on your site is also a significant part of the on-page SEO. It is what attracts people to your website, and if it is engaging enough, it keeps them hooked.

The essential parts of on-page SEO


Words are fundamentally important in basically every aspect. If you are to convince someone to use or buy your product or service, you have to be smart and pay attention to the words you chose to use. Well, if we are to speak about words generally, we wouldn’t finish, and that is why we are pointing our focus on keywords instead. Keywords are magic words that may make or break your business. These are the strategically selected words that are related to your area of business. For instance, the word contractor is a popular word used in the construction industry. These words do not have to be complicated, but words that are very memorable and easy to utter.

Title and header tags

A title tag is an HTML element that blueprints the title of a web page. They are the words that come up during a search on the search engine results page that a person may click on to be redirected to your site. Header tags, on the other hand, are the specific topics of interest discussed on your website. Both tags do help in the retention of site visitors. This is because it simplifies the search and gives a breakdown of info. As such, someone can quickly peruse your website in one minute and get the general idea you are presenting.

Images and videos

This is a very crucial part of the on-page SEO, the content. Well, besides a block of words, people also find posts of pictures and videos very appealing. You should, however, be very cautious to check the size of the images and videos and make sure the loading speed of your website is not affected.

Why use on-page SEO

Well, the most obvious reason is to create a fit and highly functional interface that is ready for potential clients and ranks high in the search engines. Using on-page SEO will make the indexing of your site easier by the search engines. Such that when a person is looking for a product or service your business offers, your website is listed as a potential source.

Secondly, it helps potential clients better understand what your site is all about and makes navigation through the site accessible and user-friendly. By employing this tool smartly, your business is bound to grow both in revenue and outreach.

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