What is the difference between Website Translation and Website Localization

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In the translation industry, you can notice that sometimes these two terms are used interchangeably. Even though the terms are similar, some people are not aware that there are some differences that need to be explained.

If you are a businessman or run a company, understanding the difference between website translation and website localization is important due to the increase in employment of the strategies by major companies. The information about the strategies can help you in the sense that they can help your brand expand and even make you reconsider your brand expansion strategies.

Website translation is changing the website content by translating from one language to another, or to be more precise, from source language to the target language. The ultimate goal of a skilled translator is to translate the utterances or sentences so that they sound natural when a native speaker reads them. Word-for-word translations that machines provide are not good here, because the context matters.

For instance, translators at TheWordPoint know how to translate in a way that the sentences don’t lose the meaning they conveyed in the source language. Attention to detail and meticulousness is what distinguishes a good translator from a great one, and great translators are a part of TheWordPoint company.

Website localization is a process where the content is not only translated for the target audience, but it is adapted in order to be in sync with regional or local cultural preferences. So, similar to the website translation, the translation takes place, but some elements are added so that they meet cultural needs and preferences.

To put it simply, website translation bridges the gap between two languages, and focuses on the message the target audience needs to receive. On the other hand, website localization pays more attention to the nuances which include proper formatting of numbers and dates and being aware of the things such as images or colors that are not appropriate for a certain market.

Even though a close similarity between website translation and localization is obvious, the two types of processes are different. To sum up, the website translation focuses more on the translation of the message and the website localization is focusing more on refining it and making it more appealing for the audience.

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