What It Takes to Become a Master Occupational Therapist

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Are you considering enrolling in an MOT program to become a master occupational therapist (MOT)? If you love working with people, want job security and enjoy finding new ways to help disabled, ill or injured patients improve their daily lives, a MOT career path is an exceptional one to pursue.

Reasons to Become a Master Occupational Therapist

Here are some of the primary reasons to take your therapy skills to the next level:

  • This occupation is in high demand
  • You improve the overall quality of a patient’s life
  • Your ideas, knowledge and expertise are valued
  • Your goal is to improve full mind and body health
  • You will work with a myriad of patients, regardless of age or illness
  • The pay is above $83,200 and 25 percent make more than $100,000
  • You have a wide range of personal responsibility and workplace oversight
  • You will love your work, so you will not feel overworked, stressed or burned out

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

As MOT degrees are achieved at the graduate level, you will first need to gain an accredited bachelor’s degree. While a degree in occupational therapy will prepare you for a MOT degree, some schools accept undergraduate degrees in science or health-based fields. You also want to ensure you cover prerequisite classes to ensure you meet the graduate admission requirements to a MOT program. It will also help your chance of acceptance if you get experience or volunteer.

Enroll in an Accredited MOT Program

The most critical step in realizing your goal is to enroll in an accredited MOT program. You will get the academic knowledge you need to work in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices or home health facilities and gain on-the-job training working directly with temporarily or permanently disabled people.

Get Occupational Therapy Observation Hours

A lot of times, prospective occupational therapy students are unsure of where to get their required observation hours. Depending on the school program you attend, you may be required to get as many as fifty hours of professional shadowing experience. Research local occupational therapy specialists who you want to pursue. It will help if you choose the ones who work in your desired facility and patient field, so you will learn the right knowledge and experience. You then need to contact each facility and ask about their occupational therapy volunteer opportunities.

Pass the NBCOT Exam

As with most professional positions, a MOT graduate will need to study and pass the National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam. You will need to pay an application fee, submit your academic transcripts, undergo a background check and meet the minimum requirements of the NBCOT qualification process to receive your state license. As you get more experience in the field, NBCOT also requires you to stay up-to-date on current occupational therapy workplace standards, which requires you to gain continuing education credits as a prerequisite for renewing your NBCOT license.

As an occupational therapist, you will find many reasons to fall in love with your career because of your decision to help so many people gain the life skills they need to become self-sufficient.

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