What Montgomery Co. can learn from DC about condom distribution

Sep 2, 2018 by

By Kate Ryan –

WASHINGTON — Montgomery County’s Board of Education is weighing a plan to make condoms accessible to all of its high school students.

The proposal comes after an effort to distribute condoms in four of the county schools’ wellness centers is about to go into effect.

In D.C., however, condoms have already been distributed to students since 1992. According to Michael Kharfen, the Senior Deputy Director for HIV/Hepatitis/STD’s/TB Administration at the D.C. Department of Health, initially, condoms were only available in school nurse’s suites.

It became clear over time that few students were going to the nurse’s suites to get condoms.

“Then in 2012, the Health Department, working with our schools expanded that policy,” he said. Kharfen said that meant trained staff members could distribute condoms to students.

Then in 2013, D.C. schools began training students to become “peer educators” who could distribute condoms directly to classmates seeking information along with condoms.

“We know from lots of different studies that young people get a lot of their information from peers, and we wanted to make sure that students would have access to correct information about sexual health,” Kharfen said. So far, the school system’s trained more than 300 students. “We’ve distributed over 300,000 condoms in our schools,” Kharfen said.

Source: What Montgomery Co. can learn from DC about condom distribution | WTOP

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