What must you know about 3D Viewer?

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When you use 3D Viewer then you can easily view 3D animations and models in real-time. Additionally, it also permits people to see 3D models with lighting controls. With its help, people also inspect model data besides visualizing various shading points. In the mode of Mixed Reality, you can integrate the physical and digital. Additionally, you can also push the reality boundaries besides capturing them all with a photo or video for sharing.

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Features of 3D Viewer

  • With a 3-dimensional viewer, you can view common 3-dimensional file types, like OBJ, STL, FBX, 3MF, PLY, GLTF, GLB, with higher quality staging.
  • This also helps to use zoom, simple pan, and orbiting controls with a keyboard, pen, touch, or mouse.
  • 3-dimensional models also allow people to control the color and position of a staging light.
  • With the help of a 3-dimensional viewer, you can see 3D files in various shading modes, like wireframe on texture and smooth passes.
  • 3-dimensional Viewer also allows people to inspect the texture, mesh, animation data, and materials of 3-dimensional models.

More information on a 3-dimensional Viewer app

The 3-dimensional Viewer application is a modest and excellent instance of what the desktop-class UWP application can be. This looks as if Microsoft is attempting to place this app in the form of a built-in and viable solution for viewing 3-dimensional objects because it does support many 3-dimensional object file formats like:

  • OBJ format
  • GL Transmission Format
  • Polygon File Format
  • 3-dimensional Manufacturing Format
  • Paint 3D objects
  • Stereolithography format
  • Filmbox format

How does automatic 3D viewer transform products for the better?

Interactive3-dimensional viewer permits users to rotate, view, and zoom out or in on any 3D models right from mobile or web browsers and that too on any device. The 3-dimensional viewer from the reputed companies empowers the customers to have an interaction with the customers according to their wish. A 3-dimensional viewer aids customers in making improved purchasing decisions by permitting them to view products from all angles through a 3-dimensional viewer.

3-dimensional viewer helps in engaging product experience

Customers can get a genuine product showcase with a 3-D viewer. Even when the goods tend to be identical to a company’s competitors and when customers view them in 3D then they look more engaging and authentic. When companies give their customers a closer look at their products in 3-dimensional then they do ensure that they continue to remain on. This will boost the chances of making a sale besides resulting in an augmentation in the SEO rankings.

Flaunt how the products do work with the interactive components of 3-dimensional viewer

3-dimensional viewer technology is capable of recreating how the products function. This permits shoppers to understand the products better in comparison to a photograph. Companies can allow their shoppers to have an interaction with their components in 3-dimensional.

Flexibility over design

People can enjoy the flexibility to change different 3-dimensional model components, like product angles, lighting, décor, configurations, textures, colors, etc. You can pay for only one creation of a 3D model before transforming it to limitless color deviations for one fraction of a price.

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