What New Students Can Do to Make Their MacBooks More Efficient

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A brand-new MacBook is expensive but consider it as an investment for your college experience. You can do a lot more than use it to type essays and fill out spreadsheets. With the right apps and features, it can be the ultimate tool for academic success. Any student that wants to make their MacBook more efficient should follow these three practical tips:

  1. Get Apps to Avoid Distraction

The problem with bringing your MacBook to take lecture notes is that it’s easy to get distracted. Instead of listening to the professor go over the reading or give you the details for your upcoming exam, your attention drifts to the screen in front of you. You promise yourself that you’ll only look through Twitter for a minute. You scroll through your feed until you hear the scraping of chairs and realize that the class is over.

Getting distracted by your favorite sites will make you miss out on vital study information. And if you have a strict professor, it will be incredibly awkward when you get caught commenting on a thread about the latest Game of Thrones episode. One solution to focus and stay on your professor’s good side is to disconnect from the WiFi. If you’re only taking notes, then you don’t need the internet. Another way to guarantee that you stay focused for the entire class is to download apps that block social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The free app SelfControl helps you block yourself from accessing websites and mail servers on your laptop for a certain amount of time. You set the list of blocked websites and the time-frame. When the timer starts, you can’t get to anything on your blacklist until the clock runs out. This app means business — you can’t skip the timer, even if you restart your MacBook.

Other apps that will interest you:

  • WriteRoom
  • Freedom
  • Cold Turkey Blocker
  • Hocus Focus
  • RescueTime

Downloading these apps will make sure you’re an attentive and proactive student in the classroom. They can also make it easier to finish readings, study for tests and complete assignments when class is over.

2. Get Apps to Improve Your Work

Some apps are designed to make sure the work gets finished but finished work doesn’t necessarily mean great work. Optimize your MacBook with specific apps so that you can get the amazing grades you want.

If you have a lot of tests, quizzes or exams on your syllabus, you can use PAL Flashcards to organize your notes and make your study sessions a breeze. It allows you to make simple digital flashcard decks with text and images. When you need to go over them, press the “Study” button and it will go through the chosen deck to test your knowledge. Other than the effective study strategy, this is considered one of the best Mac apps for students because it is free to download and you can share your decks with friends.

If you have to submit a lot of essays throughout the semester, you should download Grammarly for Mac to proofread your writing and make the quality as professional as possible. It will catch any typos and grammatical errors that you may have missed. It suggests improvements for clarity, consistency and readability.

Other apps that will interest you:

  • Scapple
  • iStudiez Pro Legend
  • Evernote
  • Ulysses
  • Scrivener

3. Protect Your Computer for Longevity

Not counting tuition, your MacBook will probably be one of the most expensive purchases you make for the sake of college. Because of the high costs, you want to make sure that the device lasts as long as possible before it needs a replacement.

One of the best ways to protect the device is to get a high-quality vinyl skin. The covering will guard it against cosmetic damages like micro scratches, scrapes and marks. The skin will make sure your MacBook looks awesome after several years of use in case you feel like selling the device when you decide to get an upgrade. All you need to do is remove the skin and voila — the laptop looks like you just bought it.

You can choose from a variety of cool skin designs to get your MacBook to stand out, like white marble, bamboo or black dragon scale. If you ever change your mind about the look, just take off the MacBook skin and apply a new one.

Other ways that you can maintain the quality of your computer:

  • Only download verified apps
  • Always update the software
  • Be wary of phishing scams and sketchy emails
  • Carry it in a protective bag

Think beyond your keyboard. Your MacBook can do much more than let you type up papers and look up information on Google. If you use the right apps, your MacBook can help you go from an average student to an impressive academic. And if you follow the right precautions, you can keep the device in perfect condition until you get your cap and gown.

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