What Public Administration Officials Can Do About Education

Apr 27, 2018 by

Jack Ma

We are currently facing an education crisis. More and more college graduates are finding themselves out of work, through no fault of their own, due to the lack of quality opportunities available in the economy. There are two sides to the spectrum. The first is, our new economy is moving towards a more independent method of generating revenue. And the second is, our universities are not effectively preparing these students for the “real world” by not providing them with legitimate skills that make them employable or a value to the marketplace. The failure to successfully educate our students is one of the great problems we are facing today, and it should be up to public administration officials to do everything they can to maximize the value that is delivered in the classroom. Without making this change, we continue to see increased college debt and underage unemployment. Here are a few ideas that could potentially change the results we are seeing with our modern education system.

Teach Our Students to Think

One of the biggest problems facing society today is the fact that we do not effectively teach our students how to think. We are still following an industrial model of education where students are taught to memorize useless information to repeat facts and figures on demand. These informational tools and skills are becoming relatively useless in the modern world, as technology continues to eliminate a large number of unskilled forms of labor. Did you know that by 2030, robots could replace eight hundred million jobs? Billionaire founder Jack Ma has a message for humanity:

“If we do not change the way we teach, thirty years from now, we will be in big trouble. We cannot teach our kids knowledge-based curriculums any longer.”

Instead, Jack Ma insists that we must begin to teach our students values, the power of believing, teamwork and independent thinking. In a new economy where creating companies will soon be more in vogue than finding a job, these are the skills that will be imperative to creating lasting success.

Provide the Students with Tangible Skills

Two of the core skills I believe all students should learn while in high school are the following: how to create a website and how to effectively sell products online. With these two simple skills ingrained in their minds like 2+2= 4, the economy would be in a much better place. That’s because, students would have the opportunity to create their own incomes while in college, allowing them to be in a position to fund their tuition and pursue their personal and creative endeavors. Not everyone is going to have the desire to become a successful online marketer, but by providing students with these basic skills, they would have the freedom to efficiently create solutions to their personal problems.

Encourage Creativity

This aligns with Jack Ma’s message that speaks of teaching our students how to learn and grow other skills. They must study how to become creative so they can create solutions for the marketplace. By becoming a source of authority, these students can find a way to get compensated for what they have learned in their educational careers. Students need to learn how to use art and music to market their talents, as they must do so to effectively build their service based websites. Thus, they have a better chance of creating viable income streams while looking for traditional forms of work.

Public Secondary Education Programs

Another major flaw in the American educational system is our failure to provide viable access to college for all students that qualify. The fact that going to college costs, in some instances, $50,000 per semester or more, creates a massive barrier to success for underprivileged students. Our tax paying dollars need to be focused on creating more graduate programs for the non-profit sector.

Institutionalized Online Education

A way to combat the highly expensive universities is to provide funding for students to obtain secondary education through online programs. These programs, however, need to be geared towards delivering these students specialized skills that immediately make them valuable to the marketplace. These educational programs need to be designed to help students learn skills to either make themselves employable by any traditional organization or to create their own businesses.

We truly are seeing a crisis in education, and the biggest cause for this gap is the lack of specialized opportunities for college-educated students. The best way to combat this gap in opportunities is to educate these students on how to become self-employed consultants, thus following a new paradigm of thinking.

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