What Should I Do?

Apr 17, 2012 by

Donna Garner

by Donna Garner –

I love today’s article in American Thinker by Lloyd Marcus (link posted below); he is a Black, conservative patriot. I am a White, conservative patriot; and I am having the same troubling thoughts as Marcus is having. What can I do to stem the tide of racial division that Obama and his crowd are stirring up and promoting in this country?

My husband coached for 36 years in Texas. I was a classroom teacher for more than 33 years and taught in 14 different schools. I grew up in New Mexico, a melting pot of people, many from various Hispanic origins.

I served as a Presidential appointee to the National Commission on Migrant Education where I spent personal time traveling, studying, researching, talking, and doing site visits so that I could walk in the footsteps of migrants (mostly Hispanics) to better understand their needs.

My husband and our children have lived in areas in Texas where we as Whites were by far in the minority. We lived for four years on a street where every family but ours was Black. We still go to a diverse church. Through the years, we have participated in numerous ministries for low-income groups. One of our dearest family friends who died of cancer was a precious Chinese woman; for months leading up to her death, I prayed with her daily.

We continue to have wonderful times with our lifelong, diverse group of friends and ex-students. We have stayed in each other’s homes; attended baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, and funerals together; shared meals, beds, kitchen tables, back yards, and traveling experiences; and often share Facebook/social media times with each other. Our neighborhood where we have lived for 23 years is very diverse with Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, and Pakistanis who live on our street.

Right now our grandchildren have best friends who are Black, Russian, Pakistani, Hispanic, Asian, etc. We enjoy these teens as well as their parents.

I well remember in the mid 80’s when we teachers were first told to report our students by race. I literally had to look around my classroom to notice who was what. Before that time, I only looked at my students as individuals with various learning styles; I never looked at them based upon race or ethnicity.


Because of our diverse friendships, I resent what Obama and his race-baiters are doing to our nation. Now I look in the eyes of our Black friends and wonder what they are thinking. Do they think we have pent up animosity and resentment toward them over the Trayvon Martin killing? Do they think the same thing about us?

When Trayvon was killed, Obama jumped on this tragedy to fuel the flames and to promote race baiting to help drive Black voters to support his re-election. Sadly, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2007) reported that 93% of murders committed against Blacks are perpetrated by other Blacks – not by Whites.

Obama’s plan to get re-elected is meant to fracture our nation; he believes in the maxim “divide and conquer.” He has driven his entitlement mindset more deeply into our culture with more people on food stamps now than ever before in our nation’s history.

Then Obama attacked the Catholic church through the abortion and contraceptive issue in ObamaCare. This was actually an assault against the religious freedom promised to all Americans in the Constitution.

Next, Obama began to go after the women’s vote through his support for Sandra Fluke and her insistence that we taxpayers should pay for whatever sexual choices women make. Obama wants his own daughters to follow in Sandra Fluke’s footsteps.

Obama’s next assault was to increase class envy against the wealthy by putting forth the bogus Buffett Rule. Already the top 1 % of income earners pays 38 % of all federal income taxes; and the top 10 % of earners pays 70 % of the total taxes. Around 50% of Americans pay no income taxes at all!

What we must remember is that it is the wealthy in this country who have the capital and the entrepreneurship to create jobs for the rest of us. If we increase their taxes, we actually take food out of our own mouths by lowering the chances that the wealthy will create jobs for us.

Had the Buffett Rule passed the Senate yesterday, it would have cut a miniscule 0.13% out of Obama’s $3.6 trillion annual budget. In reality the $47 billion impact would be so minimal that it would not even pay for a half a day of expenses incurred in operating Obama’s bloated federal government. Example of corruption: GSA’s wasteful spending of almost a million dollars at a Las Vegas convention in 2010.

The corporate cronyism of the Solyndra scandal, the gun trafficking scandal of Fast and Furious, and now the Secret Service prostitution scandal are all examples of having the wrong person in the White House.

Obama sets the standard; people just like him have been put at the top of every government agency. Now the cancerous growth of people who hold Obama’s same ideology is spreading across the entire government, and our nation is on the edge of spiraling out of control.


Back to the original question posited by Lloyd Marcus: “What should I do?” As stated by Marcus, “For now, until God leads me otherwise, I can simply continue doing what I, along with millions of my fellow Americans, do every day: seize every opportunity to spread racial harmony and kindness. I know that sounds corny, but I know it is the right thing to do.”

We can also do everything possible in our daily lives to help those around us to understand the seriousness of the upcoming elections. Our nation truly is hanging in the balance, and we as Americans hold the key to its future. Every thinking American must vote; staying at home on election day is not an option!

Donna Garner


Please read Lloyd Marcus’s 4.17.12 excellent article at the following link:



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