What skills do you need to write an essay like a professional writer?

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When studying in a college, you were challenged with the necessity to complete many written tasks. Most probably, you were thinking about how to become a good writer essay to speed up this process or provide higher quality essays. After reading this article, you will require useful essay skills to become a better writer.

Critical Thinking

Probably, critical thinking is one of the most important writers’ skills because writing requires analysis and processing of information received. The first thing any writer will do before completing an essay is collecting relevant sources, reading, processing information and expressing his/her own opinion towards this matter. High quality writing isn’t possible without a critical analysis of relevant information. It’s not a problem if you don’t understand what critical thinking is. Professional writing services can showcase how to do it. A good writing service can be found by reading an edubirdie review. They can also offer good speech topics if you should defend your paper.

Brainstorming Topics for College Papers

Brainstorming is important during the first stage of essay completion. It may take time because students don’t know how to start an essay. To ease this task, write down all your ideas, even the craziest ones and then select several that seem to be interesting. Using the internet can be helpful: check study moosedatabase to find something inspiring. This database contains the best persuasive speech topics that can be useful for you. When you selected a topic, start your research.

Essay Skills for the Research Stage

To complete an essay, you should analyze several sources of information relevant to your research topic. How to find relevant information? Use the internet, school library or consult your teacher to examine and select sources that will make the core part of your paper. Basically, writing is processing the information received from authoritative sources and paraphrasing. Also, your personal opinion about the matter you’re discussing is appreciated. The overall scheme of writing is about making an argument concerning the sources and providing supporting evidence. Research is the analysis of what scholars think about the issue under discussion, which aspects of the problem they discussed and what solutions offered. The most important in the process of research is to rely on relevant sources. Ask your teacher where you can find and how to identify them. For example, a peer-reviewed article or an online journal article is an example of a relevant source. Also, credible sources can be found on Google Scholar, Clarivate Analytics, Publons or Scopus.


Developing the skill of reading is essential for any writer. You should be able to read attentively, but quickly because you need to analyze several sources. Capturing the meaning of each article will help summarise and analyze it. To capture the meaning, you should read the article summary (abstract), introduction and conclusion. By reading these parts of publications, a general opinion about a study can be formed. The more articles you read, the more understanding you have about writing.

Get Feedback

You can’t understand whether your writing is good until getting feedback on it. It’s better to go through criticism than getting frustrated thinking “What went wrong?” If your teacher said that you should improve certain sections, do it because ignoring the feedback of more experienced professionals in writing is unwise. Many people hate criticism, but you should learn how to accept it if you want to become an outstanding writer.

Be Creative

It’s difficult to be creative and detail-oriented at the same time. Most people have one of these virtues. However, being creative is crucial for writers. Good news is that you can develop your creativity if you’re deprived of this feature. Read more books and notice creative approaches used by other writers. Creativity is required if you intend to create engaging content. Think about what could be potentially interesting for your readers and browse the internet to find acute topics to succeed in writing an interesting essay.

There were several approaches used by professional writers discussed in this article.However, you can develop your own skills and approaches that can be potentially used in writing.

These writing tips can be useful for students from multiple perspectives. However, your desire and persistence are also important. Even if you didn’t succeed to write an A+ essay from the first time, you gained an experience to complete a better paper next time. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because the way to success is paved by multiple failures.

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