What To Look For In Translation Services

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There can be a lot of reasons why you need your content or document to be translated. Whether you’re selling your products or services to other countries, opening an overseas branch or studying abroad, you may need a translation service for your personal, professional, business and educational requirements.

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Whatever your needs are, you should start researching for translation services ahead. To help you with the process, here are a few important things to look for in a translation service.

1. Qualified translators

You should take note that the process of language translation is considered a specialized field, wherein only qualified and experienced translators can deliver. Being able to speak the language doesn’t necessarily make one a good translator.

Under these circumstances, you should look for a translation service that uses well-equipped mother-tongue linguists of the dialect you’re looking for. That way, you can be sure that your content will be translated using the translator’s extensive knowledge of the terminology, grammar, context, and different meanings of the target language.

2. Expertise in a particular sector

Each business area has a specific language and jargon to observe when it comes to translation. Whether you’re dealing with financial, marketing, law or medical sectors, it’s crucial to hire some reliable translation services, which have first-hand experience and expertise within those areas.

By this, you can expect an accurate translation, not only for the dialect itself, but also to any specific terminologies or jargon used.

3. Quality control

When it comes to ensuring accuracy for your project, the quality control process is a crucial factor. This process should involve several levels of proofreading and editing, and other ways of improving all your written translations.

If your content goes through extensive proofreading and editing for a couple of times, it can be an indicator that the level of accuracy needed for your project has been achieved. These being said, count in the quality control as a factor when searching for a professional translation service online.

4. Price

As with most of the things you find online, you have to pay for a specific amount of money to get the level of service you want in the translation industry. With many translation service providers operating in a digital marketplace, you need to look for an affordable price, coupled with quality.

Even if you’ll pay for a particular service level, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re required to spend more than what’s necessary. Meaning, search for a translation service that’s more than willing to match their prices to that of the competitors. That way, you can definitely get the most out of the service you’ve chosen.

5. Turnaround times

In business, time is as important as money, and each delay can result in customer and revenue loss. That’s why you should also look into the delivery time of the translation service.

Typically, the turnaround times for language translation are based upon the scope of the project, the size of the content, and the specific formatting requirements. However, an experienced translation agency will be able to do the project accurately and without further delays. Therefore, find a translation service that guarantees efficient and timely delivery of projects.

6. Customer service

Check how a translation service provider treats its customers and how they respond to any questions that you may have. By knowing the kind of customer service they offer, you can tell if they’re the right people for your translation project.

As you don’t have any previous experience in translation, talking to friendly account managers will give you an idea as to how the translation process takes place. If you want to get the gist of how translation services work, consider customer service as an essential consideration when looking for one for your project.

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7. Translation samples and client reviews

Another great way to identify the abilities of a translation service provider is to ask for similar translation projects and read reviews on unbiased websites like Google Reviews. Doing all of these things will provide you an overview of how they handle written translations with accuracy and efficiency. With the list of clients they’ve worked before and their samples, you’ll know whether the translation service performs a job with a high standard.


As you can see, translation is a specialized process, which is why a professional and qualified service provider should only do it. With new companies offering translation services online, you should understand that not all of them will give you an accurate and consistent work. If you’re looking for high-quality work, this simple list of what to look for in translation services can help make a decision a little bit easier.

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