What Type of Degree Is Needed to Manage A Golf Course?

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If you love getting out and about and hitting a few balls every week or two, you may consider looking and seeing which degree you’d need to manage a golf course. There are a few golf colleges across the United States that offer specialized golf management degrees; you could still learn almost anything you need to know with a business management degree. A lot of current managers have a bachelor’s degree in the fields of business or management and a passion for golf.

Degree Types

If you’re looking for information on which type of degree you need to manage a golf course, you could find that some places don’t require one. Golf courses in areas that don’t see a lot of business or that are more rural usually forgo requiring a degree in order to find someone with management experience.

It’s also possible for a golfer to operate their own golf course without having a specific degree. However, having a degree will give you the necessary experience relating to learning how to lead your workers in this specific field. This degree could also teach you how to use specific accounting software to create a budget. So, you can get away with either a general management degree or you can get a specialized golf course management degree if you have a college nearby that offers it.

Golf Course Management Duties

Your average golf course manager falls into the category of an administrative service manager. You are the one who is responsible for ensuring that each of your golfers is happy and that the course is always in top shape and running smoothly. You’d be in charge of hiring new pros and maintenance workers, taking inventory of your supplies, and ordering new when you get low.

You’d also be responsible for working with any outside hires like landscaping crews. When customers have problems or complaints, you’re the person they’d come to. You’ll talk to them more about your problems and try to find a solution that they’re happy with so they’ll keep coming back. You could also be in charge of creating new advertising campaigns to bring business to the course.

Job Outlook and Salary

The median salary range for administrative management positions is just over $81,000 a year. This works out to almost $40.00 an hour. There is also a decent growth rate projected of over 10% for this job, and it’s set to increase at the same rate across all industries. So, this adds up to more than 34,000 new jobs in the coming year or two. Even though this does refer to any type of administrative management position, sports management also has projections to increase at a similar rate.

Benefits of Getting a Golf Course Management Degree

If you do decide to get a golf course management degree, there are several benefits that come along with it. You can also include general management and business degrees and be okay. A specialized degree will teach you more about how to do the tasks associated with keeping a sports facility up and running.

For example, you’ll learn about how you’d go about hiring workers to clean and maintain the greens on the course. You’ll also learn about why it’s important to maintain a pro shop right on-site. They’ll teach you how to order supplies for both the pro shop and any attached bar or restaurant located on the course. These types of degree programs usually also include an internship that allows you to test what you learned in a golf-specific setting.

Get Your Golf Management Degree

Managing a golf course allows you to enjoy the game of golf on a daily basis while surrounding yourself with like-minded people that love the game as much as you do. This degree can easily prepare you for almost any aspect of the job. No matter if you get a general undergraduate degree in management or business or if you choose to get a golf-specific degree.

Take time to visit golf colleges in your area and see what they offer. You could also do a quick Google search and see about touring a few colleges in your desired location. Just make sure they offer a golf course management degree to ensure you get as prepared for your career as you can be.

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