What You Need To Know About A Child With Down Syndrome

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Whether you are just giving birth or you have been a parent for two years, it probably breaks your heart when your child suffers or experiences any negative consequences. Just imagine if your child was diagnosed with Down syndrome? You are probably wondering how does this affect your child, what are the next steps that you should take, and is there anything that you can do to ease your child’s pain and suffering? Well, the first thing that you need to do is step back and take a deep breath. Yes, the condition is undesirable, but it doesn’t mean that your child can’t live a fairly normal life.

What Are The Health Risks?

The first thing that you are probably concerned with is the health risks associated with the disease. Due to the fact that Down syndrome babies don’t have good muscle tone it makes it harder for them to learn to roll over, sit up, and walk. However, good physical therapy with a talented physician can help rectify some of these issues throughout your child’s development. Unfortunate, heart defects might be a major concern, but it should be an upside that these conditions are only reported in half of the known cases. A quick ultrasound can determine if your child will suffer from these conditions and corrective surgery will often time correct the issue.

Troubles swallowing and blockages if the stomach or bowels are also other concerns that you need to consider, but once again surgery can correct these issues.

How Will Your Child Adapt To Learning?

You are probably also extremely concerned with your child’s intellect level and how he or she will adapt to learning. Well, it is true that the level of intelligence in Down syndrome can range from low to normal. Some kids with this condition might even border on the line of mental retardation. The key to helping your child intellectually will be keeping him or her healthy from a very young age. With online services like I need help with writing my essay this really shouldn’t be an issue. You can get these professionals to write an educated essay for you. Once you receive the essay you and your child can go over it and point of the techniques in which the writer uses to get his or her points across.

Is Breast Feeding Possible?

Many parents these days are intent on breast-feeding their children. Not only is it more natural, but also it provides health benefits that just can’t be garnered from over the counter formulas. Luckily, babies with Down syndrome can also benefit from breast-feeding. The process might be a little bit more painful for the mother due to the fact that the child will be a little slower at learning how to properly attach onto the nipple, but it can come with several benefits. Consulting with your nurse or doctor will go a long way to helping you with this process. In fact, there are even special training programs that are available for mothers that are looking to learn how to breastfeed children with Down syndrome.

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    Joel Robinsons

    My sister’s child has down syndrome and since it’s going to be my first time meeting my sister and her son tomorrow after about 8 years of not seeing each other, I don’t really know how to react in front of her and her son. Thanks for sharing this information. I don’t really know much about down syndrome.

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