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booksby Steve Olsher

Parents as well as teachers would benefit from this excellently written and organized book. Anyone can use it to either help others or to begin to think about his or her life or to rethink it and understand what it takes to make it worthwhile.

My father expected me to become a medical doctor, my mother to be a good person, my coaches to be a professional athlete, my drama teachers to be an actor, and on top of it I was interested in a multitude of fields. It showed in my confusion in junior college as I changed majors every semester. After four years in the Air Force as a psychiatric social worker, I returned to UCLA and focused on becoming a child psychologist.

My grades and being married caused me to reconsider my options. I become an elementary teacher while I worked on my MA in psychology. To my amazement I’d fallen into one of my “what’s.” I totally enjoyed being with children. I was getting paid to teach them the basics, but also I played sports with them, helped them become little “actors,” taught them about the mind and body in science, and treated like a minor celebrity by my students and their parents. It gave me just enough money to deal with my even more powerful what.

Even though I ended up being divorced when my young wife suffered from mental illness, two beautiful girls resulted from that marriage. My second marriage I found the woman who loved children like I did. She brought me three wonderful stepchildren who were from our first contact we’re never seen as step anything, they were “ours.” We added a set of twins and our blended family of seven have been my main “what” for fifty years.

A third “what” was becoming a successful writer. Steve writes how he had to “sneak” in time to work on his “what” as his main what is his family too. I wrote my first book with my twins crawling over me as I wrote the book in two in cursive. The publisher took this first draft and published it. My next book I did the same in three weeks and that got published without me doing any rewriting. I thought I was on my way to fame and fortune, but the publisher went out of business.  Was I responsible? It wasn’t until after my retirement in 1995 that I had the time to follow my third what and I have had about twenty-five books published.

As a radio show host for the last four years I have had a surprise what that has given me the chance to get to know many remarkable people who have found their what – Steve is one of them.

At 81 I have had a fulfilling life. Yet, I wonder if I had read Steve’s book when I was in high school, would it been better (?) – at least easier because I would have had the clear directions he gives to find what you are BORN to do.

Steve admits, despite his previous success with other award winning books, he hired someone to help make this book even clearer. They succeeded. Besides easy to read, it is organized to take you through the necessary steps to make your life one that is carefully “examined.”

The keys deal with honestly facing your strengths as well as such as parents, teachers, bosses, your cultures and subcultures have used to control you and you have believed that crippled you.

So, let Steve help you throw off your chains and help you find your what. It will be a journey you’ll never regret.

Dr. Robert Rose, CAREGIVING: The Secrets Are…

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