What’s wrong with Common Core?

Sep 3, 2014 by

5 reasons not to support new education standards

By Carol Burris

I was for the Common Core before I was against it.

The creation of a common set of standards, designed to raise the bar and make students critical thinkers, is a very appealing idea. Likewise, it makes sense to move students from the rote execution of math algorithms to deeper conceptual understandings. That was the original promise of the Common Core that I embraced.

However, as the standards moved from paper to practice, my opinion began to change. My teachers, whose own children attend elementary school, began raising serious concerns. Homework had become test prep, their children were frustrated, and the math was confusing. The reality seemed quite different from the promise. I decided it was time to look at the standards with a critical eye.

What I learned changed my mind. I can no longer support the Common Core. Here are five reasons why.

• Despite the claims of supporters, the standards are not built on sound research. They have never been field-tested nor proven to raise student achievement.

The truth of the matter is research shows the rigor of state standards is not related to student achievement. In addition, a study of the state standards most like the Common Core by the Brookings Institution concluded that it is likely that the Common Core will have minimal effect on student learning. Countries with “rigorous” standards are on the top and the bottom of international rankings. Finally, there is no research that supports the untested standards and practices of the Common Core.

• The Common Core standards contradict what we know about the way young children learn.

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