When Is It Appropriate to Display Your Framed Diploma or Certificate?

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It’s a wonderful idea to order up some certificate frames to present your degrees, awards, or other special achievements in a positive light. These are irreplaceable documents that and you don’t want it to accidentally damaged or destroyed, so using a high-quality frame will protect them from yellowing, tearing, or staining. It’s also much easier to display your certificate in a frame rather than pushing thumbtacks through it, which not only looks tacky but also permanently damages your document.

Showing off a certificate to other people by presenting it on the wall in a frame is a nice touch, but you want to make sure you are showcasing it in the right venue.. Let’s look at when it’s appropriate and when it’s not such a great idea and best avoided.

Professional Roles are the Best Case

When you’re a newly qualified lawyer, an optometrist, or a nursing specialist with a masters or doctorate in nursing, then it makes perfect sense to hang up a framed certificate where you work. In most cases, this is your work office or awaiting room. Because it’s expected that you have completed a degree to hold that type of position, it makes sense that you would show off your credentials in an impressive frame display.

You do not want to purchase a cheap frame that won’t adequately protect and preserve your degree; you want to ensure you’re getting the very best to show your certificate. Ordering top-quality certificate frames from diplomaframe.com means you’ll have a handcrafted, USA-made frame for your treasured document/. They’re affordable, prompt, and pay excellent attention to detail. They also have officially licensed frames for numerous colleges and universities that can be customized to your liking.

Apply Common Sense Where Only Some People Have Degrees

There are some jobs where some of the people working in that position hold a degree whereas other people have gotten the job based on past work experience. For the people who never went to college and worked their way up the ladder the hard way, they may feel a little resentment towards people who have graduated. Perhaps they weren’t able to get a scholarship and their parents were unable to fund them going to college, so they never had the opportunity. If so, it could still be a sore point because it held back their career opportunities until they rose high enough in the company to overcome it. In this case, hanging up a framed diploma in your office could be misinterpreted.

Consider the people who may be offended by seeing proof of your degree hanging in your office: Could they one day become your manager? If so, they may hold resentment about it. Unfair as that resentment may be, it could be detrimental to your future working relationship. In any case, be sure to get a hard-earned degree framed but hang it at home instead.

Source of Pride

Your university diploma is a huge source of pride for your parents. Either Mom or Dad may enjoy having a framed certificate of your degree in their home office, the den, or the shared living area to show off to friends, family members and other visitors. While you may not want too much talk centering around it, for a parent, their son or daughter going to college and successfully graduating is a long-held aspiration. As such, it feels like a job well done that you were accepted into your college program, worked hard, and graduated with a degree.

The framed certificate is, in many ways, their personal reward for their steady focus, love and dedication over 15-20 years as a parent. Because of that, you should let them enjoy their little indulgence because it may be something you can only understand when you have children and deal with the myriad difficulties of parenthood.

Finding Somewhere to Hang It Where You’ll See It

When you face a situation where hanging your framed certificate at work may not be the best idea, it definitely should not just sit in a box. The reality is that we all need to be reminded from time to time about our past achievements. Not only does it feel good for the soul, but we have our negative days and getting this reminder at that time can help us to feel better about ourselves.

At the end of the day, you should be proud of what you’ve achieved and not let it be forgotten. Whether this just means hang it in your bedroom or your den, it’s still important to show your pride for your achievement, if only to yourself. There are plenty of display options.

You should invest in a frame that looks great quality. Usually, the handmade ones are the better ones to purchase. An inexpensive frame is not great because it shows a lack of pride in your achievement. The wood should have a pleasing color, an interesting grain, and enhance rather than detract from the beauty of the document itself. Spending a little more for a better-looking frame for your certificate is well worth the price because you’ll own it for decades.

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