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The UK has some of the best universities in the world, so choosing to study in the country can be an exciting time for many international students who wish to experience another culture while studying. Which university is best for you, though? You’ll need to compare universities and see which location and courses suits you best, while also checking how much it’ll cost you to study there.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few reputable universities for you to consider.

University of Cambridge/University of Oxford

While these are two separate universities, both these universities have the same air about them. They are prestigious, old world, and are considered the best universities in the UK. Both these universities are incredibly difficult to get into, however, but you will have many graduate prospects once you’ve completed your studies. Remember, though, that the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford are not for everyone, as they have strict rules, traditions, and some courses only allow you to have one hobby outside of study so that you don’t let your grades slip.

University of Warwick

Considered one of the UK’s greatest universities, the University of Warwick have high academic and research standards. There is a Faculty of Arts, a Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine, and a Faculty of Social Sciences, but besides from studying, they also have 250 societies aimed at students.

Still not sold? How about the world famous alumni that studied there, such as Stephen Merchant, Sting, and Ruth Jones?

Bournemouth University

More than a place of study, Bournemouth University also has a large student community and an exciting nightlife scene. The location of this university is wonderful, with lovely green spaces, the beach, and the option to be in London in less than two hours. What’s more, there are many modern student accommodation Bournemouth that’ll aid study as well as socializing.

Creative types will flourish here, as it has been praised for its role in helping this sector thrive.

University of Bath

The University of Bath has an impeccable reputation, known for its research and excellent teaching. Located in the beautiful and historic city of Bath, this University is known for its safe and friendly environment.

Ideal for international students, Bath has a strong international student population, and its campus and community is a friendly one.

University of Aberdeen

Scotland is a beautiful country, with the Highlands and surrounding landscapes offering incredible vistas. Aberdeen itself is an ancient and historical city you’ll love to explore, and the campus community has over 120 nationalities – welcoming for all international students.

The University of Aberdeen is renowned for its civil engineering program, as well as located in a thriving engineering sector, meaning if this is your study of choice, job prospects after graduating may be easy!

There are only a handful of the universities the UK has to offer, so be sure to check them out individually. When selecting a university for you, consider location, the course, as well as cost.

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