Which Newt Is Showing up at the Debates?

Nov 14, 2011 by

by Donna Garner

Both of the following links contain videos in which Newt Gingrich himself is speaking. His comments right out of his own mouth should give all of us pause to wonder “which Newt” is showing up at the debates. Is it the one who says what he thinks the more conservative primary voters want to hear, or is it the Newt who has been much too ready to stand with Nancy Pelosi and to shoot down Paul Ryan’s courageous efforts last spring when he came out with his Path to Prosperity?

Video Clip #1:


Video Clip #2:


Newt might make a good press secretary, communications director, or cabinet member but not the leader of the greatest and most exceptional nation in the world.

Please read the following article that traces more aspects of Newt’s life:

11.10.11 – “Newt Gingrich Has a Character Problem” – by Donna Garner:


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