Which Online Stores offer student discounts?

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They give cheaper prices on items for Students.

Classes, papers to turn in, projects to write, research to complete course work. There are literally endless academic pursuits that as a student you can’t run away from no matter how hard you try to. They happen to be part of the whole college experience and we kinda enjoyed it. Asides from academics, there are also social obligations that as a student you are involved in. Then there is the timeless situation of not having enough cash to take care of your needs. Yes, you might have your tuition paid through student loans but there is still the need for clothes, shoes, gadgets, beauty products for the girls, or even food.

The one thing we all love is discounts but as students we love it even more. There are some stores that encourage students to come shop with them either by visiting the store online or dropping in on one of their retail outlets. There are bound to be great discounts available to you as a student when you do this.

Every student wants great products at a bargain, keep up with the latest gadgets at a bargain, wear some choice pieces also at a bargain and these stores are here to give them just that. Here is a list of some stores that are a must visit if you want to enjoy great discounts on amazing products. https://www.bestdeals.today/

Top Shop

Tops, shirts, jeans, footwear, Top Shop offers students 10% discount when you visit.

Sam’s Club

When you sign up or renew your Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership, you receive $15 also your location determines the discount you get.


Planning on getting a new pair of denims, Levi’s offers 15% discount to students when you visit both online and in-store.

J. Crew

This store offers timeless outfit to both male and female. From sneakers to suits to denim jeans. A 15% discount is also given to students when they purchase in-store.

The Limited

This American Online clothing store is a one stop shop for all your needs. Clothes, shoes, bags, toiletries, you name it they have it and they offer 15% off purchases made in-store to students plus there is the possibility of free shipping on orders completed.


Catering to both men and women, this brand whose focus is on khaki garments has been in the business for a while. They offer a whopping 20% off for students who shop online.

Club Monaco

Fashionable and stylish apparel for both guys and girls, pants, dresses and more. Club Monaco will give 20% off to students with a valid college id.

Ann Taylor

Be it regular sizes or petite. Tops, skirts, pants, shoes, jeans, shorts, jackets, sweaters, this store caters to all the fashion needs of girls and women. Enjoy a 15% off as a student when you visit online or in-store.

Banana Republic

Looking for style that is timeless and endures? Modern, versatile, classic? This is without a doubt your go-to store. Banana Republic offers 15% off full priced items that are purchased in-store.

Champ Sports

Think sports, think Champ Sports. With a range of products made available like apparel, equipment, footwear and accessories, the store offers the brands we know and love, Nike, Jordan, Adidas. Enjoy 10% off on purchases over $50.

Alex and Ani

They are creators of bangle bracelets, earrings, necklaces that are used to adorn the body and because they care about you, their pieces uplift your spirit. Catering to both male and female, this jeweler offers 10% discount with you student id for in-store purchases but only on items that non-sale.

The above stores cater to our fashion needs. We all know how important clothes are and we must protect our bodies with them. So, take advantage of these great discounts and get yourself some new clothes.

On the other hand, there is one thing we can’t do without, Gadgets. We can’t exist without them anymore. They help make our lives easier. From communication to turning in papers, we need our gadgets to make these a reality. The following technology giants encourage students to purchase their devices by offering discounts that are hard to turn down.


The leading makers of smart phones. Owning an apple device is a must for everyone. The iPhone, Mac Book, Apple watch, amongst others, these are devices we all want to own. So, enjoy a 5% off must purchases when you shop as a student.


Ever had a paper to turn in and the file is corrupted? Paper to present? Adobe gives us security for our file’s stores on our computers. This technology outfit gives students the opportunity to enjoy up to 60% discount on purchases made.


Software leaders Microsoft offer students great discounts on their software, accessories and also their hardware like laptops, desktops.


Number one leading manufacturers of laptops have a variety of different discounts available to students. Want to get a new laptop? Need new accessories? Head over to Dell and find great prices you can enjoy.


Giving Dell a run for their money, this laptop, accessories makers offer students discount depending on your school, it varies from school to school.

Amazon Student

Free streaming, free movies, in some cases you even get free shipping on some items, the number one retail online store in the world offers students the chance to enjoy 50% off i.e. half the price, on Amazon Prime services.

So, there you have it guys. From a new pair of denims to khakis, sweaters, skirts, shoes and bags, jewelry and body care, these retail stores have got you covered by been nice to your wallets and purses. Heading over to gadgets, we can’t live without them and these technology giants know this, that’s why they have great packages in form of discounts for students to enjoy. So wanna get a new Apple device? Find out more on the available discounts you can enjoy as a student.

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