Whistleblower Hits College Board for SAT Changes

Jun 16, 2016 by

Joy Pullmann –

The former director of assessment design for College Board, the organization that owns the SAT and Advanced Placement tests, is alleging its SAT rewrite has been riddled with shoddy work and public deceptions. College Board released a rewritten SAT this spring. Manuel Alfaro reveals, among other things:

My first assignment with the College Board was to review a draft of the test specifications for the redesigned SAT. The document had been created by two of David Coleman’s cronies, two authors of the Common Core. … My instructions were to rubberstamp the selection of standards and to rewrite the standard descriptions to make them unrecognizable, so that no one could tell they were Common Core.


The College Board tells the public, content advisory committee members, and clients that operational items [questions students answer on real tests] are revised only in the RAREST of occasions. Facts, however, show that a large percentage of operational items on each form (often greater than 50%) are extensively revised/rewritten. And no, I’m not talking about adding a missing comma here, fixing a typo there, or changing the standard alignment. Sometimes the revised items are completely different than the version that was pretested.

Alfaro suggests the rewrite has been so badly handled that it is detrimental to students – remember, an SAT score can be a significant component that determines a young person’s college acceptance, placement, and scholarships. For example:

Experimental sections can appear anywhere on the test. If they appear early on the tests, and if some items are flawed (maybe even unsolvable), wouldn’t some students spend a lot of their time struggling with these items, which don’t contribute to their scores, and reach fewer items that actually count?

Source: Whistleblower Hits College Board for SAT Changes | Heartlander Magazine

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