White Flags in the Culture War

May 27, 2015 by

The Left’s unimpeded toppling of institutions.

By George Neumayr –

The battles of the culture war look increasingly one-sided. Some of the supposed generals on the conservative side are more like defectors. Take Robert Gates, president of the Boy Scouts of America, who recently urged the organization to succumb to the demands of its critics. He essentially told the Boy Scouts that their Christian principles, not his counsel of capitulation, threaten the group’s future.

He urged the group to bow to the “social, political, and judicial changes taking place in our country” and declared that the “the status quo in our movement’s membership standards cannot be sustained.”

In the past, the Boy Scouts served God and country by upholding the organization’s principles. Now, according to Gates’s perverse spin on the code, service to God and country means abandoning those principles: “Our oath calls upon us to do our duty to God and our country. The country is changing, and we are increasingly at odds with the legal landscape at both the state and federal levels. And, as a movement, we find ourselves with a policy more than a few of our church sponsors reject, thus placing Scouting between a boy and his church.”

If Gates is right, that the condition for the group’s survival is moral surrender, then why work for its survival? It might as well dissolve. It was founded to Christianize children, not corrupt them. But Gates is not right. The group could remain true to its principles and survive. It might be smaller but it could survive. What Gates is presenting as a survival strategy is nothing more than his ideological preferences for the group.

The ease with which the Left is toppling institutions is explained by such figures as Bob Gates. They aren’t fighting the culture war themselves and don’t want anyone else to fight it either. It is clear that an institution’s demise is imminent when the statements of its enemies and its “leaders” become indistinguishable.

Another striking example of this phenomenon in recent days came from Ireland, where gay marriage passed easily in a popular referendum. The initiative’s supporters and opponents didn’t sound all that different. Its opponents didn’t even want to be known as opponents. “The Church’s decision not to lead the No campaign marks a new reality,” read one headline in the British press.

According to press reports, some priests voted for the initiative. One priest even wrote an open op-ed in support of it, saying that “I am one of those clergy-persons who intends to vote yes, not to cock a snoot at the leadership of my church, or to jump on a popular bandwagon, but because I think it is the right thing to do.… As a follower of Jesus, the à la carte Jew who recognized when certain laws had run their courses, I am convinced that now is the right time to have marriage equality.”

An ostensible opponent of the initiative, Dublin’s archbishop, Diarmuid Martin, reserved most of his rhetorical fire for bashing the Church. Her teaching on marriage has been “harsh” and “dogmatic,” he said, an odd declaration given the liberalization within the Church for decades. He then made a weak and apologetic plea for a “pluralist society” in which “people of same-sex orientation have their rights and their loving and caring relationships recognized and cherished in a culture of difference, while respecting the uniqueness of the male-female relationship.”

A Huffington Post headline also captured the waffling character of the initiative’s opposition: “Irish Bishop on Gay Marriage: ‘I Would Hate For People To Vote No For Bigoted Reasons.’” That bishop, Donal McKeown of Derry, wanted gay marriage supporters to know of his great respect for their stance: “I don’t doubt that there are many people who are practicing churchgoers of whatever church background who will in conscience vote yes and that’s entirely up to them. I’m not going to say they’re wrong.”

Ireland was once a Catholic country that sent missionaries out to the world. It is now a secularist country in need of them. It is clear that the bishops aren’t up to the task of spreading the faith if they can’t even oppose gay marriage straightforwardly.

The Left is making progress in the culture war not in spite of “conservative” opposition but because of it. Before the battle even begins, leaders like Bob Gates and Diarmuid Martin are waving the white flag. To paraphrase Yeats, the conservatives lack all conviction while the liberals are full of passionate intensity.

Source: White Flags in the Culture War | The American Spectator

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  1. Avatar

    Welcome to modern day Sodom and Gomorrah!
    Affluence through prosperity, the double standards by the Catholic Church – hiding abuse cancelled out their “moral” authority.They see themselves as gods and goddesses. They see no need for God. They do as they see fit in THEIR eyes; not God’s eyes. My how familiar this is!

    In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. (Judges 21:25 ESV)

    We live evil times. Many “Christian” leaders who claim to be ministers of God, prove by their words and actions that they are NOT ministers of God’s Word. Each does what is right in their own eyes while claiming that they are only following the leading of the Holy Spirit or adopting to laws needed in a new society. IN other words, God’s laws are out of step and outdated with new cultural norms. The fact that what they say or do is unbiblical seems to trouble very few and few want to fight it. When truth is pointed out to them they claim “laws” need to be changed to reflect a new society.

    Surely Christ is returning soon. These are ALL signs of His coming return.

  2. Avatar

    Yours may be a Christian world but it is not the world for everyone. If I am to respect your way I expect as good
    Christians that you would respect my way. The world is comprised of people of all sort of stripe and believe this
    or not, if our intention to be respectful of each other is put into action, we just might survive this time and the times ahead. We are fundamentally the same seeking the same ideals of good and peace and love and caring and sharing and hopefulness and on and on. Family and friends seeking a better world based on human aspirations of all I mentioned above. You don’t claim ownership of the world but live and work within it for the good of all and the health of each. You learn from one another. We don’t have to embrace each others religions and pray alike but the intent to make this a better planet through our hands and hearts must adhere to the same end. The crazies that think killing and torture is the way is not your way or mine and should not be tolerated but countered. But to wage a war against anyone who is not like you expecting them to live only under your rules is wrong, elite, and arrogant. The Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts are groups where we can best learn from each other while there is still innocence and intellectual curiosity. For good my Friend. For good!!!!

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