White House Selling Outrageously Unhealthy Snacks

Sep 16, 2014 by

Donuts for school students are out, but 590 calorie “Jumbo Honeybuns” are still very much IN at the White House.

Because of First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch program, the USDA has banned school’s from selling “unhealthy” snacks to students during school hours. But the “Jumbo Honeybuns” sold at the White House make the 240+ calorie donuts now banned in schools look healthy.

Roll Call’s White House correspondent Steven Dennis pointed out the unhealthy snack in a tweet Monday, which also shows the cookies and donuts available for purchase:

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The USDA has also banned soda (136+ calories), fruit flavored candies (249+ calories), chocolate bars (235+ calories) and cookies (286+ calories).

via White House Selling Outrageously Unhealthy Snacks | The Daily Caller.

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