Who Is Dumbing Down The Public Schools?

May 20, 2018 by

“I, Robot” was recently on the tube. It tells an old story. Robots start off as loyal servants to humanity but they become rewired, or they rewire themselves, and soon the battle for dominance is on.
 As a robot army advances on the city, loudspeakers blare: “Stay in your home…for your own safety.” They want to take over the planet and rule but not for any selfish reasons of their own. They want only to help us.
 That line – “for your own safety” – has to remind a lot of people of our Education Establishment. They are dumbing down the schools at a frightening rate. But of course they’re doing this for our own good.
 Apparently, most humans can no longer handle freedom and knowledge. They have to be simplified, reduced, and systematically deprived of literacy. They must be made incapable of doing ordinary arithmetic. They must be taught as little as the schools can get away with. Ignorance is the new agenda. And it’s all for our own good.
Now we come to a fascinating question. Where does the Education Establishment find all the hacks needed to maintain this offensive? There is something creepy and, let us say it, robotic about the people now turning the public schools into Rube Goldberg contraptions.
 In her book “Credentialed to Destroy,” Robin Eubanks tells this illuminating anecdote: “In a state meeting I attended a few years ago, I listened while a high school math director of one of the largest school districts in the state told his audience that the district would be disciplining any principal or teacher caught offering `sequential methods for solving math problems.’”
In other words, anyone actually teaching math would be punished. This is so beautifully insane we have to feel a tingle of awe. How did these hacks become wired or rewired like this? Where did these robots come from?
An anonymous teacher posted this comment on the Internet: “I teach kids with LEARNING DISABILITIES (usually created or enhanced by faulty instruction) and I am in trouble with my principal for using the words ‘phonics’ and ‘word structures’ in IEP objectives for a 4th grader. In my state, phonics standards end with 3rd grade. Many of my teaching peers privately agree on the need for foundational phonics but act like sheep in their submission to the guided reading program that is touted by the administration. Basically, kids memorize stories and pretend to read. They learn some words and SOME phonics and they are taught to guess. AND they do guess, guess, guess!…The kids I teach and I have the life sucked out of us daily. Today I taught test taking ‘skills’ to kids who can’t read…I feel sick.”
 Bette Davis, who taught school for many years and now runs  the Phonics Tutoring Company, stated: “I battled the schools for 20 years and they just ignored me. They want no part of me because it makes them look bad.  They would rather sacrifice a child’s learning than to have them succeed and become a confident and passionate reader. I feel badly for those who struggle still today.  I wonder why those that enroll in my classes or are taught outside the public school system are the only ones that are achieving  high scores in reading?”
 Only those taught outside our schools can read. Why? The answer to that fundamental question is: They, Robots.

A Teacher of the Year left this enraged comment on my YouTube channel: “Indeed we have a problem that seems insurmountable because the educRATS are in the driver’s seat. However, if parents and teachers would join together and call these people out, you would see how they would scramble. The key people to fire are the ‘Curriculum Directors’ and ‘Reading Specialists.’ Fire them and then find curriculum that works! Parents, GET involved and speak up. You have a voice and your kids count. Don’t be held hostage by these ‘Know It All’ Experts. They are ‘EXPERTS’ in failure.”

Perhaps the most shocking thing about K-12 education is that the decline is galloping. All the bad ideas are working synergistically to level what little is left of traditional education.

Here is a chilling comment recently placed on an article of mine: “My ex-fiancee has been a professor at a smaller Division I university for 30+ years. I trust her when she says that the steady decline of the talents and abilities of virtually every incoming freshman class is more troubling than the one before. The current crop simply doesn’t want to work and is incapable of abstract thought.”

 I don’t believe there is any magical solution. The Education Establishment is a Death Star locked into its robo-mission. We can’t expect good sense or mercy. It’s up to everyone who is not a robot to learn more about the phony methods used in the public schools, analyze these methods with other people, and then oppose them at every opportunity.

Bruce Deitrick Price’s new book is “Saving K-12” He deconstructs educational theories and methods on Improve-Education.org. Support his work on Patreon. 

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