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From Donna Garner


I hardly ever say this, but “Everyone needs to see the film WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THEY?”

I wish I had the words to explain the depth and value of this film.  Please believe me when I say that every aspect of the problems in our educational system is covered in this movie.  The part on sex education is particularly appalling.  I guarantee you that you will learn things that will astound you. Even truly knowledgeable people will learn new things; I certainly did. 

The real-life testimonies from some 80 people, beautifully woven into various scenarios, are so honest and captivating that no one can doubt the truth of their statements.  

CRT, LGBTQ, the radical social justice agenda, teachers’ unions controlling teachers through fear and bullying, the COVID damage occurring in children, racial equity discipline problems, and many other topics are revealed by people who have “lived and walked through them.”

This film will trouble people on all sides of the political spectrum; but at the same time, the movie provides positive answers as to what can be done to restore our schools.    

WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THEY? is being shown in select theaters across the country from March 14 through April 15. After that first month, the movie will be available via premium video on demand.  Also, on the website, people can sign up to bring the film to various church and school groups. 

Here is the website, and you can sign up there for updates. You can also see various clips from the film by clicking on the box at the top of the screen:  https://whosechildrenarethey.com/

3.12.22 – “Critical race theory exposed in detail in new documentary, ‘Whose Children Are They?’”  — By Elizabeth Economou  — Fox Newshttps://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/critical-race-theory-documentary-children

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  1. Douglas A Braendel

    How can I identify theaters that are screening this film?

  2. Tom Sheehan

    I can’t believe, after all the time and effort put into the production of this film, it’s one and done. How do we acquire further viewings?

  3. Donna Gail Garner

    Please go to the WhoseChildrenAreThey.com website and put in a search for the movie in your area. You can also subscribe on that website to be sent information about the movie.

  4. Tamara Gentry

    How or Where do I see this documentary?
    Really want to see this expose on education that is in my neighborhood school board discussions in MN.

    • Rita

      I also would like access to this film to share with others, perhaps on demand? everyone needs to see this film I myself would watch it a second time as there is so much information. Can anyone help?