Why a Well-Rounded Education is Essential for the 2020s & Beyond

Aug 14, 2020 by

When it comes to education, we often hear a lot about grades and preparing students for their future careers, and these are critical factors.

However, the importance of a well-rounded education shouldn’t get lost in the debate, and as we enter the 2020s and beyond, it’s going to play a big part in producing adults who are well-adapted for what’s to come in the future.

A Fast-Changing World

The world moves at a rapid pace, and the trends of today are likely to fade just as quickly as they came in. Not only are the jobs of tomorrow going to look very different, but so are our lives.

If you don’t know what your life and career are likely to look like tomorrow, then you want to have as many skills as possible, not just a narrow focus.

Of course, we need people to have special skills, but when we can’t guarantee what those skills look like in the future, those people must learn their focus as part of a well-rounded education.

There’s a Lot More Career Flexibility

It used to be that more often than not, you stuck to the same career path for the entirety of your life. If you started as a dentist, then you finished as a dentist, if you started as a fireman, you finished as a fireman and so on.

That’s not the case in the 2020s, and it hasn’t been for a while. More and more people are finding they can switch career paths, testing themselves in new positions, and finding jobs that make them feel fulfilled.

Part of the reason for this has been access to adult education, which helps people train for new careers, but if you’ve had a well-rounded education from the very beginning, then it’s going to make this process much easier.

Life Offers its Own Challenges

Life is the ultimate challenge, and it continually throws up problems that need solving. If you approach every life problem from the same narrow standpoint, then it’s going to give you much fewer tools to overcome these challenges.

In its most simple form, education is there to prepare you for life, and the more well-rounded this education is, the more ideas you have to draw upon to solve the problems you are presented with.

That’s why courses such as this online seminary school have become so popular – because they focus on the whole rather than just narrow aspects of life.

Everyone will face different challenges throughout their lifetime, but they will use many different ideas and beliefs to overcome them. If education is preparation for life, then it should give people a range of different ways to help solve their problems.

We Consume So Much Data Now

The internet has changed modern life so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. Our daily lives are now focused around things we never could have comprehended 25 years ago.

One of the results of this is the fact that we produce and consume so much more information each and every day than we ever have in our history. Everywhere we look, we’re bombarded by information – the problem is how much of it is reliable?

In the modern world, more than ever, it’s not just enough to consume information; we have to consume and question everything we see. Critical thinking is a vital skill for the modern world that causes us to decide if the vast amounts of information we consume are, in fact, correct and useful.

If all our knowledge is founded in one narrow focus, then it’s much more difficult to critically analyze the terabytes of information we consume each day. With a well-rounded education, though, we are better equipped to judge the information we see and make smart life decisions based on our findings.

People Need Time to Find their Passions

Some people just know what they want to do with their lives from an early age. However, for the vast majority of people, this doesn’t happen until much later in life, if at all.

Even for those people who think they have found their true passion, it can often turn out that they find it’s not the case, and they find something new they want to pursue. If people are going to find their true passions, though, then they’ve got to be exposed to all kinds of different subjects and ideas.

There are times when a narrow focus is needed, but to reach that point, students first have to have a strong base from which to build on, and a well-rounded education will do this.

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