Why are Denmark’s apprenticeships so effective?

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Did you know there are almost 4 million apprentice students in Europe?

It’s estimated between 60-70% get jobs immediately after their apprenticeships, because they have the crucial technical skills employers need. But with youth unemployment across Europe so high, it’s become very important these apprenticeships are effective in preparing students for the workplace.

By combining education and work, Antony is preparing for a changing workplace. For his apprenticeship to be effective in getting him a job, it must meet 7 criteria.

Antony needs:

  • a written contract.
  • clear learning outcomes from his employer.
  • support for him and his trainers.
  • half of his training to happen in the workplace.
  • to be paid according to the law.
  • social protection.
  • a safe environment.

In order to achieve these criteria, Antony also needs the support of his country. Regulations are required to ensure all stakeholders are transparent and are both designing and implementing apprenticeships together.

In this way, it’s important SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) receive assistance to create the appropriate positions.

At the end of Antony’s apprenticeship, he should get:

  • a qualification recognised both nationally and in the EU.
  • receive career guidance and be told about apprenticeship options across Europe.
  • reliable assessments to know he is learning for the future.

Denmark is one of 8 countries in Europe that meets two-thirds of these criteria. The other 20 lag behind.

Their teachers believe it’s these apprenticeships that really shape the Danes.

Henrik Svensson is a teacher working for ‘Technical Education Copenhagen’. He explains why the apprenticeship model works so well:

“They come in directly from the public schools and they don’t have so much identity! When they go out and take apprenticeships at these companies before coming back to school, they have a new identity!”

Source: Why are Denmark’s apprenticeships so effective? | Euronews

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