Why are youngsters obsessed with hookah?

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Hookah is the modern age obsession of youngsters. Despite many adverse health effects which it has, the sales continue to rise every single day. Why are teens so used to smoking hookah then? Well, youngsters have their way of looking at life, which is why they want to do everything that excites them.

The surprising thing is that hookah smoking is common between 18 to 24-year-olds. This means that the young lot is completely invested in enjoying quality time with hookah around. However, the worrying thing is that kids are smoking hookah too. It was confirmed by a research in 2017 that estimated 0.6 million kids from the US schools had smoked hookah in 2017.

Let me navigate you towards the reasons why youngsters choose to smoke it:

They want to be cool

The “cool” factor is the most chanted word by every young male and female. Being cool is typically implied by doing what others are doing. Just as the last one in the group starts to smoke because the rest are smoking, youngsters will very likely start copying one another in the pursuit of enjoying the party.

The age factor

As discussed, most hookah consumers are 18 to 24-year-olds. There are some states in the US where hookah smoking above 18 is legal whereas, in many states, 21 is the defined age. Since 18-year-olds have a difficult time in adhering to laws regarding smoking and alcohol, they choose to avail something convenient. A hookah bar can be purchased by 18-year-olds and easily shared by multiple people.

Mind Relaxation

Many youngsters associate hookah with the relaxation of mind, and it is true to some extent that hookah does relaxes the mind. However, people fail to understand the health hazards of smoking it in the first instance. Most youngsters suffer from exam pressure during high school, which is why they look for ways to release that stress. Smoking always causes a mild buzz in the body and cuts off the stress factor.

It is less harmful

Young age is the age that is associated with less wisdom and a lack of critical reasoning. One of the most common reasons that young people have for smoking hookah is that it is completely safe. They say that it is better than smoking a cigarette. All these myths are passed on from one kid to the other, and as a result, we have more hookah smokers in line.

It’s a social norm

People consider every bad activity as a part of the culture now. A few years ago, we didn’t have as many smokers as we have now. The basic problem is that something so common and conventional in society, suddenly becomes a part of the culture, no matter what the nature of the activity is. Smoking sheesha has become a part of a social gathering now. Whenever people get together for a party and fun, then you’ll always find alcohol and sheesha over there.

Hookah is about flavors

One of the major reasons why hookah has gained much popularity nowadays is because of so manyflavors available for hookah. With much advancement in marketing techniques and tools, the sinister advertisers use every possible technique to chase the minds of the customers. Suppose if you have a chocolate flavored hookah in the party then who wouldn’t want to try it? Most people support the notion of flavors as their main reason for getting a taste of sheesha.


Lastly, I would like to say that it is better to keep away from these things as the health hazards associated with them are very dangerous. Teen life is certainly the age of fun and excitement, but it is better not to cross the limits. Hookah smoking continues to rise every day, which is why so many people run into trouble when they develop health issues.

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