Why do you need CPR training?

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CPR is a technique that has its own guidelines or standards that in behind providing its own rationale. CPR Training Malaysia had been following closely with the guideline from American Heart Association (AHA), this guideline from AHA will be updated every 5 years in order to improve its effectiveness and quality.

Attending CPR course is very important especially in this digital area where people can be easily misguided by circulated risky non-proven method to save human life. CPR training in Malaysia is not only about learning the method, it is also to instil awareness about the importance of CPR among our society regardless of age and profession. Lay person needs to aware that saving life is the responsibility of all people not only for those with medical profession background, that is why, a lot of organisation in Malaysia initiating the move to establish CPR training centre such as CERT Academy to provide CPR course for all people.

CPR training in Malaysia that had been conducted could be varied depending on certain people expectation, it could be focusing in the In-Hospital-Cardiac-Arrest, or Out-Hospital-Cardiac-Arrest, Adults, Paediatrics, Essentials, Advanced, etc. The Government of Malaysia enforcing this regulation to all corporate company to have its own first aider for every 30 number of employees, this is to make sure that there are enough trained people in the workplace to respond to emergency call, and of course this move also to inspired and encouraged each household must have at least 1 person a competent CPR provider in the event of emergency situation.

Certain countries such as the UK had recently made it compulsory for the schoolchildren to be teach and exposed to CPR learning. Typical indifferent society often react to the subject as mundane or less important and that explained why people around the world still find this move quite unprecedented including in Malaysia.

Upon taking the step into CPR class or CPR training, it also opens the chance to bridging the gap between the ignorance to the knowledgeable by gradually inspiring and spreading the knowledge into the culture and society in Malaysia.

As the pioneer in First Aid Training and Safety Training, CERT Academy, Malaysia owns the pride on delivering simple, streamlined first aid training courses. All our training sessions are tailored to meet the customer’s requirements.

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