Why Does This Not Surprise Me?

May 21, 2019 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Every once in a while, I encounter something so on target, so accurate, so correct, that I feel I have to share it.  Here is a piece about how teacher training seems to be inadequate for students with IEP’s ( and probably for kids with 504’s also )   The author is correct- teacher training does fall short for English language learners, and for those with complex health and medical needs and for those students who might have Osgood-Schlatter’s and or some other condition that might require periodic monitoring or assistance. Teachers MAY have gotten some minimal training and minimal introduction to learning disabilities, speech and language disorders, vision and hearing difficulties, physical handicaps and disabilities, and attention deficit disorders- but rarely have they gotten in depth introduction to the subtle nuances involved in classroom management of these students as well as specific instructional tactics and techniques. Teachers need to be better prepared to even attend IEP’s and need to be more aware as to what questions to ask and what pedagogy to deliver as well as learn about the accommodations and modifications that could and should be implemented. Further, if the student is on some type of medication, teachers need to be aware of side effects and other relevant issues.  While some teacher training programs do provide an introduction or overview- much more in depth training and in-services need to be provided to teachers on an ongoing basis. 

For more information or simply validation – see the link below.


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