Why Has Vaping Got Such A Bad Name

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Vaping is by far the best chance a smoker has to quit smoking, proved by researchers at the Queen Mary University of London where they tested 900 participants with electronic cigarettes and other nicotine replacement therapies (NRT). So why is there such a stigma associated with the practice instead of praising it as a lifesaver it could well be?

We spoke to Nicholas King from Smoketastic a site dedicated to helping new users find the best e-cigarettes, and he enlightened us on the problems that the vaping community has:

The problem is centralized around the money that’s involved, unfortunately, the whole system we live in is corrupt with money, and there is no stopping it unless the masses speak out. We’re not here to voice our opinions on the matter, just present the facts to allow you to decide.

One problem that e-cigarette manufacturers have is their competition, this competition is huge, and we’re talking about the big tobacco companies and also the Pharmaceutical companies. Obviously, e-cigarettes are a replacement for tobacco cigarettes so you can fully understand the concerns tobacco companies have. But Pharmaceutical companies are set to lose a whole lot more. Not just with the loss in sales of their NRT such as patches and gum, but also the money they make from sick tobacco smokers.

It’s a tough world we live in, and Pharmaceutical companies are there to make money, as much money as possible. Hence why miracle drugs come along with horrendous price tags, if they were here to make people healthy, then they would give the drugs away as cheaply as possible. GlaxoSmithKline for example, reported in 2017 to make £2.2 Billion after tax, and their chairmen Philip Hampton promises to make more for their shareholders in the next few years.

The governments around the world all seem to have different opinions on vaping and the use of e-cigarettes as an effective NRT, so why is this? The answer unfortunately again comes around to money. For example, in the UK the government are pushing GPs to use e-cigarettes as a stop smoking aid after a study from the Public Health England found that they were at least 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. In the US, however, many states are making a lot of money due to the Master Settlement Agreement between them and the tobacco companies, where the government make money on the sale of cigarettes in return on not taking them to court. In addition, the studies that have been performed are mostly completed by the Pharmaceutical companies or Dr’s who are associated with them. Not exactly unbiased research!

The FDA, you would think, would come in and clear all the confusion and back the right party. Regulating e-cigarettes and trying to move more people on the devices to make a safer and healthier America, right? Wrong, the FDA is run and report to the government, and although they have a name and brand to protect, they are still not supporting e-cigarettes. Instead, they have taken the clever decision to tackle vaping from a different direction; the problem with kids using e-cigarettes with their The Real Cost campaign.

Is it a problem, yes of course it is, and we should do everything possible to stop kids getting hold of e-cigarettes, but… And it’s a big but! The FDA should be concentrating on preserving the health of Americans. The fact is that the number of children who use an e-cigarette then go onto tobacco cigarettes is very small, and who’s to say they would not have just gone straight to cigarettes anyway.

Nicholas went on to tell us that his team at Smoketastic continues to help and educate their readers but insist that anyone thinking about vaping should only do so to quit smoking, reducing their nicotine content gradually until their addiction is controlled. Nicholas wants all smokers to be free from their nicotine habit, and although runs a successful vaping site, believes that vaping is just one important step to quit and should not be considered as a long term activity.

Image: Courtesy of SmokeTastic.com

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