Why I need a baby change table?

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Brand new 3-1 Addyson baby cot with change table package

If you’ve got a newborn on the way expect to be changing a lot of diapers. You could change your baby on the floor or a bed. But, this means you’d be doing a lot of bending over or kneeling down, which can take a toll on your sleep-deprived body. A change table raises the diaper change to a convenient height saving your back and knees.

Baby change table is a great way to keep your diaper change essentials organized. Having the diapers, wipes, and lotions within easy reach saves you from frantically searching for something mid-diaper change. Once your child’s done with diapers a changing table can be used as shelving or storage. Just remove the changing pad and use it as a regular dresser or storage shelf.

Safety is paramount so look for safety features like a safety strap or changing pad that fastens to the table. A safety straps prevents your wiggling baby from moving around during the diaper change. Similarly, a changing pad that secures to the table prevents your baby from potentially flipping the change pad.

Like any good sturdy piece of furniture a change table can last for years, well beyond changing dirty diapers. In fact, if you’re planning on having a second child you’ll definitely want a change table that’s going to last. Look for solid wood construction for the sturdiest tables. You could also consider composite wood or medium-density fibreboard as sturdy options.

Also, a change table should have a guardrail or solid wood that goes around the entire table to prevent your baby from falling off the table. It is recommended the guardrail be at least 2 inches high on all sides. For even more safety, look for a table that comes with anti-tipping hardware. This hardware secures the change table to either the wall or the floor, preventing the table from potentially toppling over with your baby.

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