Why is it so Important for a School to have a High-Quality Canteen?

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Lunch time plays an important, yet underestimated, part in the school day. It gives the children a chance to refuel for the next half of the day. It is also gives them a time to socialise independently, free from the confines of the classroom. A school should invest money into a canteen to give children a suitable environment where they can feel comfortable and make the most from the break. So what elements go into creating a high-quality canteen?

Food Selection

A high-quality canteen goes hand in hand with a quality selection of food. Schools can provide healthy meals for children, which has a number of benefits. These include teaching children the importance of healthy eating choices, maintaining a balanced diet and carrying on these dining habits later in life. By ensuring a wide selection of healthy food, it would encourage more pupils to eat at school. It has been proven that a majority of packed lunches don’t meet nutritional standards set for school meals.

Seating Area

The more welcoming a canteen looks, the more likely students are going to want to eat there. This can be achieved with spacious tables, comfy chairs and plenty of room to get between everything. Children can seat with their friends and develop social skills. Creating and nurturing friendships is such an important part of a pupil’s education. This wouldn’t be possible if the school didn’t create environments where classmates can interact freely with one another.

Safe Space

A canteen should act as a safe and welcoming place for all students; the staff play a vital role in this. Teachers need to keep an eye out for bullying or aggressive behaviour in the queues. If need be, a schedule for different year groups can be put in place to control the queues. This makes things easier for teachers to look out for trouble and take care of it.

Kitchen Staff Benefits

The kitchen itself plays a crucial role in the canteen. By investing in excellent equipment, such as that provided by JLA, a school kitchen can make life better for both staff and students. The equipment is easier to clean, creating greater efficiency in the kitchen. This allows them more time to prepare more food and get it to a high-quality level.

Dietary Requirements

By having quality kitchen equipment in place, it allows the kitchens staff to be more flexible with what they create; and this can be extended to ensure that children with dietary requirements are catered for. Children with food allergies – such as nuts or dairy – wouldn’t have to bring a packed lunch, their needs can be met by the kitchen. Spaces can be created so cross-contamination wouldn’t be a problem. Therefore, the school chefs can prepare food safely for every child, no matter their dietary requirement.

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    Ready to sign to every word from the article. Always think that it’s more than important to give healthy and fresh food in schools

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