Why Live Music is Always Better

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Live music can be the highlight of just about any event, from an anniversary or birthday celebration to a conference, award ceremony, or a wedding. A survey in 2018 found that 35 percent of respondents attended a live concert that year – while you may not be able to score big-name bands and other artists like Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars or the Imagine Dragons that attract crowds in the tens of thousands, there’s plenty of talent out there available at affordable costs to enhance your own event. 

Live Music Motivates

Live music is a great motivator. It can set the mood and even impact on how the audience behaves. Choosing the right music can be profitable too, as certain types can encourage people to linger longer, move through a space quicker, or change the perception of time spent waiting in line. If you host a sporting event, for example, you might want to hire a live rock band to get everyone energized, but if you’re running an exhibition and want participants to linger, chatting with vendors at the stalls, you’ll want a band that plays slower, softer tunes, more suitable for conversation. While soundtracks can do the trick, the right live musicians will know how to create the atmosphere you’re looking for, changing the mood as needed too.

It Touches the Soul

Watching musicians perform live can touch the soul in a way that recorded music simply can’t, by connecting the performers with the audience. Just imagine, for example, hiring gospel singers for weddings who perform songs like the classic, “Oh Happy Day,” the bride, groom, wedding party, and attendees will likely remember the event as an especially joyous occasion for many years to come.

It’s More Unique

Obviously, as musicians are living, breathing people, and not recorded tracks, there’s going to be some variation in the way instruments are played, and there will be unique style and flavor added to it that no DJ can replicate. Songs that a DJ would spin are always going to sound the same no matter how much they’re played. With live musicians, you’ll also have the option to ask for variations of the tempo or style, and if they’re experienced, they’ll know how to accommodate your request.

Supporting Your Local Artists 

While there are musicians making millions of dollars, they’re very few and far between. For most, even those with incredible talent, it’s very difficult to make a living as an artist, especially considering that so much music these days is available for free online. Most musicians are making their money from performing rather than recording. By hiring local musicians, you’ll be supporting artists and your local community, helping to ensure there will be live music acts to choose from. If those artists aren’t supported, eventually they’re going to have to find other ways to earn a living. 

Increasing Your Social Media Presence

If you’re trying to build your social media presence, hiring any type of live artist is going to attract more attention, helping to create awareness of your event, increasing the number of attendees, and your social media presence.

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