Why Monitoring Your Website Regularly Can Be Beneficial for You

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Your website, whether it may be a blog, social media website, forum or business website, has a big impact on your audience. Big websites have a lot of pages and comments and with users constantly interacting with the elements of the website, it is important to check it to ensure that there are no problems. In order to make sure that your website is working great and is meeting yours and your audience expectation, you should regularly check how it works:

Website testing can help you in numerous ways as it can tell you about the current performance of the website and also let you analyse which part needs an update or modification. For this you can use Comparium which is rather simple in use online tool for cross-browser website testing.

It allows you to test your site and find any potential visual mismatches in any browser and even more, with specifying different versions of the latest. After entering the URL of the tested site, in just a few minutes you will see screenshots of it taken in each of the selected browsers. This online solution supports all popular browsers (and its versions) as well as operating systems. Comparium is a great way to test a site before giving it to a client.

Following are some of the reasons why you should opt for website testing:

  1. Make sure that each element is working

Before releasing your website, there can be various simple errors that might have been overlooked. It can be images not loading, search not working properly, broken links etc. All of these are common issues that each website faces and you can easily correct them by going over your website once. These simple errors can ruin your website experience, but can be pretty easy to solve.

  1. Make sure your website displays correctly in each browser

Keeping your website up to date is pretty important. It must run on all the major browsers, as new browsers are constantly being introduced and older ones receiving some big updates. Different browsers make use of different rendering engines to display web pages, which can change the way your web page looks. A quick check of your web pages can allow you to see whether there is any problem in being displayed in a particular browser.

  1. Make sure your website displays correctly on mobile devices

Mobile browsing has dramatically changed the way people experience internet. Today, a vast amount of traffic is generated by people browsing the internet through their mobile devices. You need to make sure that your website correctly displays all the vital information on a mobile device. Your website must be optimized for mobile so that information is displayed correctly and everything is conveniently placed for the small screen.

  1. Make sure your website’s performance is up to mark

Users as well as Google do not like slow websites. Most users leave within 2-3 seconds if the website does not load properly. This is why you should invest and do efforts to keep a check of your website’s performance. In order to solve this problem, you can reduce the amount of graphics on your website or talk with your hosting company for whether they can help you load your pages faster.

  1. Make sure of your top pages and conversion rate

By analysing and checking your website, you can determine which page brings you the most traffic. Analyse why this page brings you the maximum traffic and once you know the reason, you can apply the same to your other pages. You need to constantly monitor your conversion rate and decide which strategy is working best for you.

  1. Make sure of your website’s SEO

Being on top of your SEO game is pretty important. SEO issues are pretty common and can be disastrous for your website. Over time, you may pile up your content with broken links, mistakenly use duplicate content, and forget to update the site map, set up pages without title and other numerous problems. This can heavily affect your rankings if not checking periodically. A regular check on all these factors can allow you to maintain your ranking and retain your visitors for a longer period of time.

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