Why not police officer story hour?

Sep 9, 2019 by

A group of concerned pastors is hoping to make a change to the way their city council chooses role models for young kids.

Pastor Jim Domen of Church United, an organization that encourages pastors and their congregations to engage in their city’s public square, says a group of about 20 pastors recently gathered at Chula Vista City Hall to let city and library officials know that the event scheduled for Tuesday at Chula Vista Public Library ought to be canceled, or at least delayed.

“Why don’t we have role models who are actually serving in our community — like police officers or first responders, or other people like nurses [or] doctors who serve the community,” Pastor Domen wonders.

As a former homosexual, he asserts that gender-confused drag queens are not suitable role models for little kids.

“They’re sexualizing children,” he tells OneNewsNow. “That’s completely inappropriate. Drag queens are adult entertainment, not appropriate for young kids.”


Two members of the city council did meet with the group of pastors. Meanwhile, the others declined, and the city hoisted the LGBT rainbow flag for the day. But Pastor Domen says the elected officials have not seen the last of the concerned pastors.

“We’re going to begin monthly, meet at city hall, pray with them, pray outside with other leaders in hopes that God would hear their cries and their prayers, that they could change the direction in which their city and library is going,” he relays.

In several instances, Mass Resistance has investigated and discovered that several of the drag queens who have read to children have criminal records.

Source: Why not police officer story hour?

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