Why Online Colleges and Education are Good for Your Career

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In this day and age, working professionals are constantly having to stay abreast of changes in their career fields. But, taking night classes or stopping work to get another degree is not an efficient way to improve yourself when you are working full-time. That is why you should consider online college programs and education; here are some reasons why they are better than traditional education.

Online study allows you to pursue knowledge on your own time!

If you are working 40 or 50 hours per week, taking night classes at your local community college is going to sap away what little time you have left in the week to be with your friends and family. The beauty about online study, though, is that you can often pursue your educational goals on your own time, rather than on a professor’s.

Educational Websites Are Affordable!

Many people erroneously believe that because you have a job in a prestigious company, you have a lot of disposable income. People in our position know that that is far from the truth; we have expenses such as mortgages, car payments, and children, and we can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on college courses.

Many institutions have realized that, and that is why they have created affordable, often free courses available on the internet for people in situations such as ours. If you work in the IT field, there are various online courses that are free, where you can study everything from Python to JavaScript. Many four-year institutions, such as Hillsdale College, offer free, online college programs on subjects such as economics and literature. As you can see, there are a number of ways you can improve your knowledge on a variety of subjects without punishing yourself financially.

Advance in Your Career Conveniently and Quickly

If you are seeking to get a certificate or a diploma from a reputable institution, distance learning is the way to go if you want to move up the ranks of your profession quickly and easily. Many such programs allow you to study at your own pace, and if you are truy driven, you can get the credential you are seeking in less time by getting a distance degree than you would if you were pursuing your education in a traditional manner. Australian Writings is the place to go for pay for assignment requests.

Study from Anywhere

The best thing about online college programs is that you can study from anywhere on the globe. This is especially important for government employees, such as diplomats, and military personnel deployed overseas to Afghanistan and Iraq. Thanks to advances distance learning, people in all kinds of career fields, whether they be soldiers, statesmen, or just plain old common joes, can engage in self-improvement wherever they are.

Networking Opportunities Abound

In many programs, such as in Fordham University’s web-based graduate-level history program, you have the opportunity to engage in classroom discussions via internet forums. You could potentially be in a class with dozens of different students like yourself who are also engaging in career development. This will allow you to build networking opportunities like you never could have done in a physical classroom. The ability to network is another advantage to online study programs.

What your boss doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

If your boss knows that you are taking classes at the local community college because someone told him you were, he may lay you off because he thinks you’re going to quit anyway and find a new job. But, the anonymity of the internet and online colleges allows you to keep your boss out of your personal life.

Education Leads to Leverage

Education, whether it is web-based or not, leads to negotiating power. Once you develop these valuable skills through an online study program, you will become a highly marketable individual who can find work in more places. This will give you remarkable leverage over your boss, because if he doesn’t give you a raise or a promotion, you can always go somewhere where you will receive that salary increase and higher responsibility.

Online Colleges Are the Way to Go

When you are stuck in a career rut, the best way to get out of it by furthering your knowledge through educational websites and programs such as those I’ve mentioned above. No matter what job you have, there is always a way to improve your prospects through education!

Bio: Jeff Blaylock is a freelance writer, web designer, and editor for Australian Writings.

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