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The really special thing about putting children first when it comes to education is the worth of the child is fostered while enriching the child with a curriculum instead of only molding the child to a curriculum.
That is why using test scores and standards solely as criteria to judge a educational system is the mark of a stagnant society.

The “cogs in the wheel” approach were students must be conformed to a certain set of mandated standards in order to measure up to some global competition may look good on paper but it produces a society of followers not leaders. A society of no independent thinkers or dreamers stagnates progress. A society filled with people whose self- worth depends on a test score, a job title or a degree in order to be deemed acceptable is not healthy. Suicide rates will sore. A society whose people spend all their lives living up to someone else’s standards or expectations produces a population which is afraid or feels guilty for seeking fulfillment on their own. This type of approach fails to recognize that children may not be interested in some global competition but in their own hopes and dreams. Maybe the reason so many students are falling off the educational bandwagon is that they don’t like where its standards or leading them.

The greatest painting ever painted, the greatest song ever written, the greatest invention ever invented, the greatest athletic feat ever accomplished were all achieved by people who “wanted to” not “had to”. That is how the world changes. History is full of stories of people following their dreams or interests and changing the world even though they never met a standard or finished a degree. A wise teacher knows to always encourage children to follow their dreams. Children should be encouraged to follow their interests and explore where that will lead them. If the child ever matches their dreams with their talents the whole world will remember their name.

Like my barber so wisely said, “Somebody has to cut hair, somebody has to preach sermons, somebody has to fix cars, those people are important also. If not to some global competition then to their families. Isn’t that  more important?

Tom Krause
TOUCHING HEARTS-TEACHING GREATNESS, Inspiring Confidence, Hope & Worth in Every Child -Students First. Educational Keynote Presenter – Parenting 2.0 Global Presence Ambassador – www.coachkrause.com
20-time Contributing Author to Chicken Soup for Soul book series, 31 years teacher/coach Missouri Public School System (Retired)
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