Why Self-Esteem Is Important in Children

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Self-esteem is a very important part of life and understanding your own self. This is no different for children, however some people tend to shy away from the topic of self-esteem and its importance. Every child is different and so the way that they think will be totally different to other children that they are around. It is important to remind your children that they should be proud of who they are and how they think. Teaching them about self-esteem and how to have a positive one can really influence their childhood experience. In this article we are going to look at why self-esteem is so important in children and some ways that you can help to improve your child’s self-esteem. Keep reading to find out more!

Building Self-Esteem

Before we talk about the importance of self-esteem in children, we are going to go through some ways that you can help them build a positive self-esteem. You’ll find plenty of tips on building a child’s self-esteem online. Some of these tips include things like showing how their contribution to anything is important as well as encouraging them to be unique and proud. Make sure to read over these tips if you have a child or know someone who needs a self-esteem boost and you are unsure how to go about helping them. Next, we are going to look at some of the reasons why self-esteem in children is so important.

Their Daily Life

When your child has a low self-esteem, their life can be affected in just the everyday things that they do. Think carefully about how they may react to their friends in school or how they might find doing their school work. A higher self-esteem can really help with tackling any problems and can mean that they are more willing to try harder if they think that they are capable of it.

Their Development

Your child’s self-esteem is very important in the development of their mind and body. As your child passes through the early stages, you’ll see them establish self-esteem as they find more confidence in walking, rolling over or going to the toilet by themselves. All of these things require small levels of self-esteem that will encourage them that they can do it. Maintaining these levels of self-esteem is very important to ensure that your child continues to develop. Higher self-esteem can encourage your child to progress in social situations and build friendships. Their first real friendships are very important, and you should encourage this all you can.

Dealing with Situations

The level of self-esteem that your child has can affect their ability to deal with situations. When it comes to anything that requires a strong emotional response, your child will respond in a way that reflects their self-esteem. It is noted that children whose self-esteem is healthy are more likely to deal with peer pressure or any sort of responsibility in a better way than those who have an unhealthy self-esteem. Any sort of challenges or disappointing events that happen will be better dealt with by a child who has a good self-esteem.


Giving praise to your children when they are young can be a very important step in their journey to having a good self-esteem. Praising them for doing something well will show them that they can do it and that they are capable of doing great things. If your child begins to learn that they can solve a problem by themselves then they are more likely to try to do it again in the future.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can cause a lot of problems for children when they try to live their lives. When your child is developing, you want them to keep trying but low self-esteem means a lack of confidence in their abilities. Children with low self-esteem can find themselves feeling upset when they aren’t able to talk to their friends or do well in class. This is also true for children who have learning disabilities which might affect how they work in class or with their peers. It is important to avoid letting your child develop a low self-esteem.

How to Help

When it comes to self-esteem you should definitely start with praising. You don’t need to go overboard as this can lead to them having overconfidence which can have some negative consequences. Another thing that you can do is to work on some self-esteem activities at home. These sorts of activities can help to encourage a healthy self-esteem as your child finds out more about themselves and why they are amazing. Starting of with these activities when your child is young and help to teach them how to be confident and can really help them when it comes time to go to school and make friends.

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