Why Studying Abroad Can Give Students the Edge

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Many universities in other countries like Germany, Holland, Spain and Portugal offer the option to study a course in English. These courses offered to ...
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If you are starting to plan which university you would like to go to, and what degree course you would like to study, then one option you may be considering is studying in another country. Many universities in other countries like Germany, Holland, Spain and Portugal offer the option to study a course in English. These courses offered to international students can make it possible for somebody who does not speak the language of the country of choice to study there.

As well as international courses being more accessible, student accommodation is also becoming easier to find abroad. The accommodation available isn’t just your average halls and student houses either, as the luxury student accommodation providers Collegiate have now branched out into Spain. This means that students can now be staying in top of the range apartments in the city of their choice. Parents needn’t worry about the conditions they’re living in if their child chooses this kind of accommodation.

This is certainly an appealing option to a lot of people as it means they get to experience lots of different things and meet people from another place. However, there are some additional very real and tangible benefits to studying abroad, which can help you later on in your career.

Here we look at some of the reasons why studying abroad can give students an edge when they finish their degree course and start looking for work or start their own business.

A Global View

People who have already lived in more than one country when they are at a young age and at the start of their career are very appealing to companies with a global view. This is because they have shown that they already have some experience of dealing with people in different cultures and in adapting to how they do things. Business is becoming more and more global everyday thanks to technology, and so people who can understand and relate to people in another country are very appealing to employers.

Language Skills

Even if the degree that you are doing has absolutely nothing to do with language, just by spending three or four years in another country where they speak a different language, you will develop some level of proficiency in speaking it. This is a bonus skill for your CV on top of the qualification that you gain.

Taking Risks!

Being brave enough to go to a completely new country where you don’t know anybody, and don’t even speak the language necessarily, is a bold move. Having the fact that you have done this for your university course on your CV will demonstrate to employers that you are someone who is not afraid of taking a risk and that you are a resourceful and confident person. These are all traits that people really like in potential employees.

Someone who has done their degree overseas, or even just spent one year of their course studying with a foreign university, will have some advantages over competitors when it comes to seeking work. Even people who would rather go into business on their own after university rather than seek out a job will find that potential investors and business partners will appreciate the life experience that they gained by studying overseas. If foreign study is something that you think you would be interested in, and which you have the opportunity to do, then it can be the right decision to make.

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