Why Studying Later In Life Can Be A Great Thing

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Traditionally going to get a higher education was always considered to be something that people did right after coming out of high school and then they’d choose their career path and work in that field their whole life.

However, things are changing in this respect and more and more people are going back to study at university later in life. This can be for many reasons, such as a decision to make a career change, going back to work after a break, or simply the need to update your skills and qualifications to progress in your existing career and keep yourself on top of the latest trends and changes.

Many universities like VU Online are completely different nowadays and are so much more flexible for different types of students because they understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, so they’ll offer online and distance learning programmes, for example or part time study that you can fit around your existing commitments.

In this post we’re sharing with you some of the top reasons why studying later in life can be a great thing and why you don’t need to feel strange or insecure about starting over.

You’ll look at learning differently:

Have you ever found yourself uttering the phrase “oh, I’d love to go back to high school – I’d do it so much different now”?

Many adults feel this way because as we get older we, not only become more mature, but we develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for learning and education. This is why we encourage our children to do their best at school, but of course, it tends to happen that they won’t appreciate it until they no longer have the opportunity. When we’re young we look at learning as something that we’re told to do by bossy adults, but as we get older we realize that the ability to learn and retain information is such a gift and one that many of us simply can’t enough of.

So going back to study as an adult is approached with a completely different outlook than we had as younger and rebellious adolescents.

You’ll have much more life experience:

Life experience is something we all have and as we get older, we acquire more, so going back to study as an adult allows us the chance to use this life experience to influence the things we study, our attitudes to learning that can make it an overall more positive and rewarding experience due to the way you’re able to look at things from a different perspective.

You’ll understand things better and differently:

As we get older we start to understand things differently and this is often a good thing that comes from the fact that we’ve acquired the life experience mentioned above. This can range from anything to better problem solving skills right through to just thinking more rationally about things you need to learn and not stressing or getting anxious about things like tests as you would when you were younger.

You’ll be more focused:

Going back to study as an adult is going to be something you view from a more mature perspective and with an end goal in mind – not just something you do as an excuse to have some fun and please your parents. Since you’ll likely have other commitments in your life to work around your studies, such as a partner, children, and a job, you’ll be more focused on the time you have to study and will be using it wisely to get stuff done and get your qualifications as soon as possible so that you can get the benefit of your studies.

You’ll have a better respect for those teaching you:

It’s not that younger students don’t have respect for those teaching them – not in all cases, anyway, but as you get older you’ll view them less as people who are above you looking down and trying to control you or discipline you and instead you’ll look to them with respect and admiration at what they know and you’ll want to learn from them.

You’ll have a greater appreciation for yourself:

This is probably the most important thing that will happen when you study as an adult – you’ll realize just what you’re capable of and how much potential you have to offer. Often we can be our own worst critics and wonder if we’re really capable of taking certain things on, but if you study as an adult – especially when working around other things in your life, you’ll see that you’re far more capable than you give yourself credit for.

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