Why the freakout over charter leader?

Feb 18, 2019 by

Shortly after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last week announced her appointment of Doug Ross as her senior adviser for Michigan prosperity, outrage followed.Gretchen Whitmer Portrait.jpg

Ingrid Jacques –

So what is so terribly wrong with Whitmer’s choice?

Opponents took to Twitter to express their dismay over a posting of the press release

“WTF,” said one. “Sickening,” wrote another. “The first stab in the back is the deepest,” opined someone else.

Ross happens to have championed charter schools in the city of Detroit, starting some of the most successful schools in the city and giving poor, minority children a shot at college and a promising life.

But any association with charter schools is tantamount to betrayal to Whitmer’s liberal base (and the teachers unions who helped get her elected).

As one woman tweeted: “Governor Whitmer, I certainly hope you are not under the influence of the DeVos cartel. This is exceedingly disappointing. I thought you were a true advocate of our REAL public education, NOT elitist charter schools.”

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