Why training is important in an organization?

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A perfect measurement system is essential to increase an organization’s capabilities which would help them to improve the employees’ performance. Training and development eventually will show a positive return from the bottom line. It is an attempt to develop the employees performance on their currently held position or one associated with it. The quality of an organization depends on the quality on their HRD and their effective role in the company. To be productive it is essential to have skilled and competent employees who can direct their teams towards the right direction in reaching their goals. The Globalized world today demands innovation in every field and it is necessary for the employee to get himself updated on new technological advances. It has become an essential factor that every organization opts for modernization that helps in restructuring their workforce. The companies are starting to accept the challenges and changes in this modern age. This has made the organization to redefine their objectives, existent methodologies and their strategies to increase their overall productivity. To execute this it is essential for the company to have trained and developed executives and employees. To give a clarity on their new roles in the company, the training can do wonders by giving a new insight into their skills and behavior that enhances performances which ultimately increases the productivity and booms profits.

Technically training includes transformation in attitude, skills or knowledge of an executive or employee that enables a consequential improvement in the behavior. For an effective training it is mandatory that a planned activity has to be designed and certain analysis has to be done on the achieved target skills. It is very important that the training has to be conducted in the learning atmosphere. During the training it has to be kept in mind that individual goals and organisational goals should be equally concentrated and must be fulfilled.

Most employees possess few weaknesses in their workplace skills. A training program helps them to strengthen in their lagging skills. It is necessary that HRD should plan the training programmes well in advance by analyzing the needs of the employees. This identification process is very essential as the training programmes are designed on the needs of the employees and the organization.

Training programmes are imparting skills to employees. An employee requires skills to operate machines, and to use other equipments with less damage. It is a basic skill that which an operator require to full fledgedly need to operate the machine. Motor skills are required to improve certain physical activities. These skills are added in their training to move our various parts of our body in retort to certain external and internal spurs. The common motor skills are that which includes walking, throwing ball, driving a car, push-ups, riding a bicycle, and tying shoe lace. Motor skills have to be practiced in all levels of employees in the organization. Inter personal skills are essential to improve the working standards of the employee.

Though training and education vary in nature and orientation, they are paired and balancing As more and more employees are called upon to exercise judgments and to select different solutions to the problems in their jobs , it is understood that training programs are pursued to develop the individual through education. Hence it is necessary for an organization to combine education with training programmes.

Following are the objectives for the necessity of a training programme:

  • It is necessary for employees to have the basic knowledge and skills that are needed to perform in their job.
  • Employees have to be ensured with their capabilities that are needed to perform their work.
  • Employees has to be given training in updating their techniques and developing their skills that are needed for their job.
  • Training should be given to the individual that would enable the organization to make use of the employees potentialities in a good manner.
  • To enable the employees to understand their responsibilities and act accordingly.
  • To enable the employee to reduce the mishandling of resources and machines.
  • Interpersonal skills will be concentrated as it is essential to for team work.
  • To increase the motivation skills and insisting on implementing the importance of morality in the workplace.

Benefits of training are imperceptible and investment in training benefits the organization and the employees for a longer period of time. Training enhances the skills at a basic level to the higher end of the worker level. Training increases the commitment of the employer to their job and to the organization. When the job is better understood there is no slowing down of profit and it obviously avoids accidents and losses. Quality Enhancement is one of the important key features that is required for the long term survival of an organization. Therefore quality management techniques ensures staff excellence as an outcome of the training.

Therefore Training Institute in Dubai assures that the training programmes offered by us will develop the competencies of the employees and improve their performances in the organization.

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