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“Why Trump Did Not Go for the Jugular with Putin”

By Donna Garner




I am certainly no genius; but I think I know why Trump did not “go for the jugular” when he made his public remarks to Putin yesterday about Russia’s probable meddling in our 2016 Presidential elections. 


This was the first time Trump and Putin had ever met. The world’s mass media was breathlessly televising the two leaders’ every response.


Three days before Trump’s all-important meeting with Vladimir Putin, DOJ/Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein/FBI/Mueller (a.k.a., the Deep State) came out with indictments against 12 Russians who are alleged to have meddled with our 2016 Presidential election.


The suspiciously timed indictments by the Deep State were meant to undercut Trump’s leverage with Putin by putting the Russian President immediately on the defensive. 


We must always remember that the sole intent of the Deep State is to unseat our duly elected President, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal.


Instead, Trump wisely chose not to vilify Putin before the world at their first meeting when the international media was watching and was hoping that the two leaders would “clash swords” so that the reporters could get a big scoop.


Of course, not to be denied, the ever-present media hawks tried to drive Trump off the topics which really mattered — sanctions, arms control, Syria, and the takeover by Putin in 2014 of Crimea/Ukraine.  


Trump wisely refused to take the bait and refused to turn his first meeting with Putin into a slug fest of accusations. After all, how could Trump possibly put much stock and trade into the Russian indictment allegations when that same Deep State team is conducting the $20 Million Mueller “witch hunt” against him?


Just as in The Apprentice, I doubt that a good boss would say “You’re fired” based upon felonious allegations made by sources that have proved themselves to be liars!


Trump also could not come out in front of the whole world and say, “Vladimir, I would like to charge you publicly with having meddled in our 2016 Presidential elections; but I cannot trust the veracity of the FBI/DOJ leadership, Mueller, and Deep State that are making the allegations.”  That would have made America look embarrassingly similar to a banana republic that is involved in a coup to get rid of its President. We are supposed to be the leader of the free world!


What I imagine was said in the two-hour private meeting between Trump and Putin is this:


“Vladimir, our own President Obama meddled in the elections in Israel when Netanyahu was re-elected.


The DNC server and the 30,000 Hillary Clinton e-mails (that hold the real facts about the 12 Russian indictments) cannot seem to be located by our feckless FBI/DOJ and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 


Therefore, I am not going to hold you responsible for what may or may not have happened under the Obama administration and in the 2016 elections; but I want you to know this, Vladimir: If Russia ever meddles in our elections again, there will be ‘hell to pay.’ 


Now on to the really important matters that impact the entire world…” 


For those naysayers who are always ready to criticize our wonderfully successful President Trump, how could anyone say he is being too cozy with Putin when Trump has already enacted these strong positions against Russia?


Trump has:


Already imposed various rounds of sanctions against Russia (e.g., sanctions against Russian companies that used their spying networks against the U. S.).


Taken the shackles off American gas, oil, and coal production which is bound to hurt Russia’s main sources of income.


Publicly admonished Germany’s Angela Merkel for propping up Russia’s economy by purchasing billions of dollars’ worth of Russian gas and energy while ironically NATO is mounting efforts to defend itself against Russia.


Urged NATO to conduct military exercises right under Putin’s nose in the border nations of Poland and the Baltic states. 


Pressured NATO nations to give their fair share which will increase military spending by billions to battle Russia’s aggression. Since Trump was elected and raised the issue, the other NATO nations have paid $33 Billion more and are pledged to pay hundreds of billions more in the future, all of which will tremendously increase NATO’s military presence.


Authorized American forces to defend themselves in Syria by killing large numbers of Russian mercenaries.


Is sending substantive military equipment (e.g., anti-tank missiles) to help Ukraine battle Russia’s aggression.

Pushed through a 74% increase in U. S. national defense spending — $716 Billion for 2019.





I believe that Putin knows he is faced with a new kind of U. S. President who is not afraid to talk about the hush-hush issues — the “elephants in the room” — and then to take action where and when needed.


Trump is probably Putin’s worst enemy, and that is a good thing for the peace of the world.


After all, the way to defeat Putin the Bully is through strength and not through meaningless threats. 


President Trump is the right man for this point in time, and we should all be very thankful that he has taken it upon himself to counter the evil forces in this world — many of them located right here in the U. S. and in the leadership of the DOJ/FBI and the Deep State.  May truth win out!


7.16.18 — Quote from Pres. Trump’s historical meeting with Russia’s Putin:  “I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics.” 

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    Robert Schaeffer

    Um, this was not the first time Putin and Trump had met — they spent two hours together more than a year ago in Hamburg. If you can’t get the basic facts right in the second sentence, why should anyone believe the rest of your apology for Trump’s incompetence, if not treasonous behavior.

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