Why Trump Signed the Omnibus Bill That He Hated

Mar 26, 2018 by

“Why Trump Signed the Omnibus Bill That He Hated”

By Donna Garner



Trump abhors the way the establishment in Congress operates.  As a businessman, he has railed over and over about the Christmas tree mentality that allows Congress to create a 2,232 page Omnibus bill (similar to Obamacare) in which countless political “goodies” can be easily buried.


The only thing that could have caused Trump to sign such a “ridiculous” bill is that he as President knows the true state of our military. 


After eight long years of Obama’s deliberate dismantling of our military strength, Trump inherited a terrible mess which puts every American’s life at risk.


Trump as President knows the unvarnished truth from those on the ground in the military, and he also is privy to the secret and viable threats from around the world.  


Knowing all of this must have forced him to sign the Omnibus bill that he hated to get the $700 Billion for the military.


Here is the true state of our military (and we know the rest of the world is listening):


Lack of spare parts throughout all branches


Air Force short 1,000 pilots


Aging aircraft built all the way back to the early 1980’s (e.g., AV-8 Harrier jump jets, F/A-18 Hornet, CH-55E Super Stallion helicopter)


Deadly accidents — MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, KC-130 T transport aircraft


Only ½ of Navy and Marine Corps front-line fighters available for combat


Navy – in 1987 had 594 ships – now has 278 ships


Lost two destroyers last year (USS John S. McCain and USS Fitzgerald)


Limited capacity at shipyards – need to build at least three to four new ships each year – built only two last year


  1. S. military strength trending toward “weak” – unable to fight two major wars at one time
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    Barbara Fox

    I understand now why you signed that bill and I uphold your reason for doing so and more power to you. Too bad your vongress isn’t co operating with you.

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