Why Video Conferencing Benefits Businesses

Feb 15, 2018 by

Video conferencing is a new initiative that has recently gathered momentum. It was once considered a luxury, but the advancement of technology has allowed many companies to engage in video conferencing as a regular practice.

What’s great about video conferencing is it integrates communication platforms like email, video, and instant messaging, creating an environment that simulates face-to-face interaction. This allows people to be in two different locations but speak as if they were in the same room, which is majorly beneficial for businesses.

The technology can give you a competitive edge, and it is fast becoming the preferred business communication tool. If you’re wondering why you should embrace video conferencing, here are some top benefits for businesses:

Reduced Travel Time and Costs
Traveling to a meeting can be a hassle. Video conferencing allows personnel to enter a meeting without leaving their office. The flexibility of this method eliminates traveling, creating more time for you to focus on core activities. You will also benefit from reduced fuel costs, and the hiring process also comes significantly easier if you can assess a candidate’s proficiency via video call.

Optimized Attendance
Organizing meetings in person is not always a possibility when people are scattered and have other commitments. With video conferencing there is no excuse for not attending a meeting, so this optimizes attendance. Attendees can receive all the information they need for the meeting via email, reducing the delay associated with physically attending meetings.

Structured Meetings
Video calls are usually arranged with defined start and end times. This focuses discussions dramatically. These are more intensive discussions as a result, and organization is paramount to effectiveness. You’re more likely to stay alert in a video conference, since you’re required to stay focused on what’s being discussed. This is advantageous when compared with email trains, which are often neglected or misconstrued. On a video conference you can feed off of visual cues and body languages, and ensure you read into things correctly.

Increased Productivity
Improved communication channels make employees more in sync, and this leads to better decisions and increased productivity. Problems can be resolved faster, and video conferencing helps companies have an edge over from competitors who are behind on the times and neglect the importance of the technology.

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