Why VideoProc is the hottest video editor in the market right now!

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If you’re around and about the video editor market you’ll know quite a lot about the new editors that keep springing up on the map from time to time, the similarities between all of them are so many that you’d probably forget all about the one you’re using as soon as you’re using the next one.

Until one comes along and offers so much that you question using any other editor before this. Well we believe we have stumbled across one of these today. And it’s called VideoProc.

VideoProc is a very fast and easy to use video editor that can also be perceived as a video stabilization software. VideoProc is the one thing that will allow you to do so many things with one application that you’ll never be able to go back to using different softwares to get different things done. Let’s proceed to take a deeper look at all the features of VideoProc and what exactly it is that sets it apart from all the other clones on the market.


Gives you some of the fastest processing/rendering speeds using level 3 hardware acceleration

Video editors normally use your CPU’s processing power to render out your videos . Now this is all well and good if you’re on a machine that has good processing power, but on lower end machines rendering out videos using your CPU alone can cause various heating and performance issues. VideoProc has however found a way to combine the power of your CPU and GPU to go into what they call a Full Hardware Accelerated mode wherein you get to see results that are upto 40 times faster than normal. This type of rendering isn’t even bad for your PC because the workload is shared between your CPU and GPU.

Some of the best editing tools around

Correction of shaky videos aside, users can also make use of VideoProc to work with a few more advanced features easily like correcting fisheye, removing any background noise and alos give you the power to manipulate playback speeds and audio video sync. Besides all this you also get access to some of the more obvious tools that come with pretty much every other video editor. Tools like cut, merge, crop and filters/effects, rotate and also add subtitles in the form of SRT files. Additionally you can also create M3U8 files, convert video files to gifs and do much more.

Check out this video of VideoProc in action: https://www.youtube.com/embed/sixMuCTDC_g

And there’s more…

The feature list doesn’t end right there!

  • With VideoProc you can also download videos from over a 1000 different websites easily!
  • VideoProc also works as a on site media converter allowing to to convert between all the available audio and video formats.
  • There is also a screen recorder in here. Yes sir. So let your inner gamer loose and start that YouTube channel you always dreamt about.

Now we must have you wondering how many kidneys you’ll have to sell to get your hands on this product that has so many features.

Well the normal pricing starts at $80, which is ofcourse a high price.

BUT for a limited period offer you can head to their website : https://www.videoproc.com/gopro-video-processing/gopro-4k-shake-video-stabilization.htm and get a free licensed copy of the software today.

Besides that you can also sign up for their sweepstakes where you get a chance to win GoPro Hero 7’s, DJI OSMO Action and a full licensed copy of VideoProc that will get you regular updates from the team.

Sign up for the sweepstakes before the 4th of June, 2019. For a chance to win!

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