Why Writers Need Community and Writing Groups

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Writers do not work in vacuum. And, actually, they shouldn’t do that. It is always good for a writer to join some writing communities and groups. These are places where each can find help, support, motivation, and encouragement. Find out why these places are really useful.

Why You Have to Find a Writing Community

It is stated by many people that successful and confident writers never write alone. To make things a bit clearer, let us say that writers do write a long but they need to work together. It means they are involved in some writing groups and writing communities, which may be online as well as offline. These communities are the places where writers get support and motivation in order to achieve all their goals. To cut a long story short, writers need community. Depending on the community created, our success will be determined.

So, why is it so important for a writer to become a member of a writing community?

  1. You will have an opportunity to attend a writers’ workshop. You know that workshops provide with the chance to meet, interact and socialize with a great number of interesting people who are interested in literary, and your fellow writers as well. By attending a workshop, you will truly find yourself in a center of the literary community. So, be sure to find a reliable support there.
  2. You will make a lot of new friends, who have the same interests as yours. It is self-evident that if we are making friends with other writers, we build some connections with those who can make us better. By sharing ideas, thoughts, feedbacks, and experience we develop our professional competence. In addition, you can help each other to connect with many more people in the industry. The same is about promoting. So, having some writers as your friends is a good thing any writing community can offer.
  3. You will have a chance to attend different writing events and festivals. Festivals are also those places where you can always find a lot of new and interesting people, who can help you and influence your success. In addition, any writing festival is a good place to simply absorb some information and knowledge. So, when you feel the lack of creativity or motivation, do not hesitate to come to a writing festival. It will be a valuable experience, though.

If you want to become a member of any writing community, you need to remember 3 the most important rules:

  • Writers do not offend each other: they do not hurt the community
  • Writers do not become mobs: they are all unique personalities
  • Writers do not cope: they get inspired

In case you are wondering how to make a correct choice concerning a writing community, pay attention first that there are communities of different sizes. If you are not going to share your ideas and works with a lot of people, it would be much better for you to find a group consisting of 3-5 fellow writers.

While choosing which community to join, you have to take into account these points:

  • All members there are honest
  • All members speak kindly on friendly terms
  • All members are experienced and know exactly what they are doing here
  • All members are with the best intentions only

Remember that a good writing community should never look like a mess. If a group consists of people who are not actually interested in writing, it will not succeed. Consequently, it will not bring you some benefits.

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