Why You Should Consider Studying Scriptural Hebrew & Scriptural Greek?

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If you think that learning scriptural Hebrew and scriptural Greek doesn’t hold much significance or considerable assurance in the future then you must reconsider your thoughts as learning Hebrew or Greek is, indeed, worth your time and efforts. Studying these Biblical languages not only reinforces the belief in God but also have certain other benefits as well.

·         Hebrew & Greek are the languages of God

If you are fond of reading religious scriptures and manuscripts you will be surprised to know that the original meaning of the verses is more or less lost in the translated versions. The experience of reading the scriptures in their original language is entirely different from reading the translated copies. Moreover, you will be able to decipher God’s teachings in his own language and would be able to implement the same properly in your life.

·         Gain the knowledge of interpretation alternatives

A text written in Biblical Greek or Biblical Hebrew can have multiple interpretations and different meanings in different context. So, if you happen to read a translated version of a scripture, you are actually reading only one interpretation of the original text. Therefore, you get to know only a single meaning while there are various other interpretations as well. Hence, if you learn Hebrew or Greek you are opening your mental horizon to the different interpretations and meanings that a single piece of text can have. When you know the different interpretations you can easily evaluate and judge as to which interpretation will hold true for a particular situation.

·         Gain a proper understanding as to what exactly are the emphasis points of the author

The emphasis points in a scripture such as alliterations, poems etc. are, usually, lost in translation. A translator doesn’t care to reproduce the emphasis points in the same way the author had quoted in the original scriptures. So, if you are studying Hebrew or Greek you can go through the original scriptures itself without having to rely on the translated versions. Hence, you get a clear idea of the emphasis points as laid down by the author. Moreover, the charm associated with the scripture in its original language cannot be replicated in the translated version. This goes the same way that information presented in a novel cannot be reproduced in its entirety in a movie. A movie, since it is bound by a specific time frame, has to compulsively showcase the essential parts itself. Therefore, the charm of reading a novel cannot be compared to watching a movie based on the novel.

·         Our predetermined conclusions and notions come under the scanner

When you are reading the original text in its original form and language, the conclusions and notions which you might have predetermined in your mind are reevaluated by your mind. Hence, the correctness of those conclusions and notions gets verified and you become capable enough to identify false beliefs and information and discard the same.


By learning Biblical Hebrew or Biblical Greek you need not blindly rely on so-called spiritual leaders to aid and assist you in finding and walking on a true spiritual path. Hence, learning these scriptural languages goes a long way in developing the overall personality of the person.

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